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Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank of PFrankMD portrait in grey suitHappy New Year!! Is it Spring yet?….not quite. PFRANKMD™ hit the ground running this year with so many new and innovative technologies that are gonna knock your warm socks off! I have not mistakenly written the year wrong thus far so I am confident it will be a great year! We have so many great campaigns, membership programs, and signature treatments in the works, along with some exciting cutting edge research with our spectacular team of healthcare professionals at PFRANKMD™ & Skin Salon. I cannot wait to share them all and get you to the best version of you!


Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank

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Vivace™ Energy Delivered Microneedling is one of the most exciting and versatile technologies on the market today. My latest and most advanced of the devices out there is the Vivace™ It’s Italian – it’s gotta be great! Quick and painless treatments for almost any cosmetic indication, Vivace™ can be used on any skin type for texture, pores, scars, and skin tightening anywhere on the body. Great in combination with other procedures in our signature treatment series such as PFRANKMD™ TLT (Tighten Lift Tone)

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It’s the hottest cold technology out there. It’s localized cryotherapy and it’s here at PFRANKMD™. CryoFacials are performed quickly and easily in a simple 12-minute treatment reducing inflammation and puffiness on the face and giving you that model glow immediately. Come try our PFRANKMD™ Paparazzi Facial, with this technology, so you are always ready for the red carpet.

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It’s a new year! Need a face refresher but not sure which treatment to do? Try our most advanced signature treatment, the BRP (Build, Repair, Polish) Signature Facial. With only 1 day of redness, you get the greatest hits at PFRANKMD™ – skin tightening, redness and inflammation reduction as well as brightening and smoothening of texture. You can’t go wrong with this treatment performed by our healthcare professionals. If you have the time to take years off in one treatment, it’s still FRAXEL season.

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Not unlike nutrition and exercise, at PFRANKMD™, we believe subtle, light and frequent maintenance treatments makes all the difference in being the best version of yourself in skin health and beauty.

With this in mind, we developed the Skin Fitness Membership program for our 3 most popular no recovery treatments: Clear and Brilliant skin resurfacing, Laser Genesis skin toning, and Exilis Ultra skin tightening. For reasonable monthly payments that offer a significant package discount you can come to PFRANKMD™ Skin Salon whenever you’d like and choose any of these three technologies depending on your needs and desire. Sold as a 4 per year, 8 per year and 12 per year treatment packages, treatments are convenient, effective, and flexibly performed by our Healthcare professionals.

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Getting rid of excessive and unwanted body hair with exciting speed and amazing comfort is now a reality! Treatment times can now be reduced up to 75% with little or no discomfort. Legs and backs performed painlessly in as little as 15 minutes – no gels, as well. Find out more about our several technologies including the Motus AX and the High Speed LightSheer Desire for permanent hair reduction so you can save valuable time and eliminate fear of procedure pain. Great for razor bumps!


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