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Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank of PFrankMD outdoor portraitIt’s here! Spring has sprung! And it’s time to ready our skin and spirits for kinder, and brighter weather. As usual, we have some new tricks up our sleeve to keep you looking your very best from head to toe, literally. With new technologies and signature techniques, I continue to work relentlessly in expanding our horizons in the non-invasive realm of cosmetic rejuvenation. None of it is possible without the continued loyalty, referrals, and dedication of my patients, family, friends, and staff. You make it all fun to come to work every day.

I look forward to seeing you all soon!


Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank

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The Enlighten 3 laser is the most cutting edge technology to date to erase your tattoo regrets. Performed in minutes, the picosecond technology dramatically reduces the number of treatments required to remove all colors of tattoo pigment. The Enlighten is also a totally no downtime treatment for resistant pigment in scars and melasma. Used as part of Dr. Frank’s signature PFRANKMD™ Pigment Protocol, this new device is changing the way we treat pigment in all skin types.

Using several skin tightening technologies, Dr. Frank has developed a novel and effective skin tightening protocol that addresses all layers of the skin throughout the body. Utilizing radio frequency, ultrasound, and microneedling technology, we have the combination of no downtime tightening treatments that are right for you.

With 20 years of technologic advances, cosmetic experience and practical research, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank presents his signature red carpet medical facial. Sequentially and non-invasively, we target each layer of the skin from the deep dermis all the way to the superficial epidermis. Dr. Frank has created his proprietary medical protocol combining 3 cutting edge radiofrequency and laser technologies to literally build, repair, and polish the skin all in a 30 minute, pain free, no downtime treatment. Click here for more info.

Restylane® Defyne and Refyne are the latest hyaluronic acid fillers from Galderma Pharmaceuticals. With novel cross linking technology, these premium fillers offer a flexibility and longevity in the skin that are superior to their competitors. As the leading solo injector of Restylane® products in the country, Dr. Frank has been experiencing great success in sculpting and volumizing with these new tools.

As a world renowned expert in liposuction and body contouring technologies, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank and Cynosure lasers, the developers of the original Smartlipo technology, present SculpSure™. SculpSure™ uses the first FDA approved laser technology to destroy fat cells in the targeted area without performing surgery.

SculpSure™ has four IPhone-sized applicators allowing us to treat both love handles or the entire lower belly in one session. Once the laser is turned on, it will complete its cycle in 25 minutes with the sensation of tolerable warm and cool cycles. Twice the area treated in less than half the time as compared to CoolSculpting. The 5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center remains the most comprehensive place in the country for fat removal and body contouring. Offering the widest range of procedures from the least to most invasive, we are one of the only facilities in the world with every treatment option at it’s disposal. Dr. Frank remains the premier Tumescent Liposuction surgeon in the country. Please visit click here for more information.

The Novathread Lift is a novel technique offering tissue lift in the effort to avoid more invasive surgical procedures. In a simple, minimally invasive procedure similar to receiving injectables, small barbed absorbable sutures are inserted underneath the skin to shift and suspend facial and neck tissue in a lifted position that will last approximately 18 months. A perfect addition for those who have already maximized injectables and are seeking a bit more lift.

Edyta Jarosz and The Oxlight® Facial

It’s time to let Edyta, our celebrity aesthetician, get her magic hands on you. As Brand Ambassador to MDNA skincare and personal aesthetician to Madonna, she has many tricks to share whether you have a big event coming up or just want to give your skin some immediate satisfaction. Adept in all types of facials (for both men and women), she uses the most cutting edge technology, characteristic of our practice. Her signature treatment, the OxyLight® facial, utilizes LED light, oxygen, and micro-current stimulation to lift, tighten, and clarify the facial structures. In addition, she performs ultrasonic treatments, diamond microdermabrasion, ultrasound water peels, chemical peels, and dermaplaning as part of her repertoire. Edyta is also a master with brows offering brow shaping and tinting. Weekend availability too!

Dr. Frank in the Media

Madonna poses for W Magazine