Newsletter 2016


Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank of PFrankMD outdoor portraitSo much has been happening in the practice and in the beauty world as 2016 is in full swing already. Spring is actually in our sights and before we know it we’ll be enjoying kinder weather, enjoying events, and then getting the opportunity to bare our skin. I’m excited to share all the great things happening with you including the opening of our exclusive auxilliary facility just across the hall. With almost a doubling of clinical space, we offer an expansion of services, comfort, and privacy for our patients. The continued growth of the practice, as always, is the result of the loyalty and kindness of my patient family over the past 16 years. With that, I remain passionately committed to providing cutting edge technologies, artistic technique, and the best quality of care that I can for that family. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so and I look forward to seeing you all this Spring.


Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank

Polish-born Edyta moved to the United States in 2004 and has been working as a licensed aesthetician in premier skincare spas in New York for over a decade, customizing a variety of treatments specific to her patient’s needs. Adept in all types of facials (for both men and women), she uses the most cutting edge technology, characteristic of our practice. Her signature treatment, the OxyLight® facial, utilizes LED light, oxygen, and micro-current stimulation to lift, tighten and clarify the facial structures. In addition, she performs ultrasonic treatments, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and dermaplaning as part of her repertoire. Edyta’s reputation for her “magic hands” has enabled her to maintain a loyal following both locally and among her international clientele. For more information about treatments offered click here.

With 20 years of technologic advances, cosmetic experience and practical research, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank presents his signature red carpet medical facial. Sequentially and non-invasively, we target each layer of the skin from the deep dermis all the way to the superficial epidermis. Dr. Frank has created his proprietary medical protocol combining 3 cutting edge radiofrequency and laser technologies to literally build, repair, and polish the skin all in a 30 minute, pain free, no downtime treatment. Click here for more info.

As a world renowned expert in liposuction and body contouring technologies, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank and Cynosure lasers, the developers of the original Smartlipo technology, present Sculpsure™. SculpSure™ uses the first FDA approved laser technology to destroy fat cells in the targeted area without performing surgery. Once the fat cells have died, the body gradually disposes of them, providing up to 20 percent reduction of the fatty layer in just 6 to 12 weeks following treatment. Dr. Frank is one of the first few physicians in the country to offer this one of a kind technology that incorporates all of the advantages of its non invasive predecessors without their limitations.
SculpSure™ has four IPhone-sized applicators allowing us to treat both love handles or the entire lower belly in one session. Once the laser is turned on, it will complete its cycle in 25 minutes with the sensation of tolerable warm and cool cycles. Twice the area treated in less than half the time as compared to CoolSculpting. The 5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center remains the most comprehensive place in the country for fat removal and body contouring. Offering the widest range of procedures from the least to most invasive, we are one of the only facilities in the world with every treatment option at its disposal. Dr. Frank remains the premier Tumescent Liposuction surgeon in the country. Please visit our dedicated body contouring website, pfrankmdslim.com for more information.

As a very early adopter of the technology, Dr. Frank’s use of this novel combination device continues to show wider applications for all skin types. With its ability to safely treat at various levels of intensity, we have been getting great results on scars of all kinds on the face and the body. Plus, we have optimized treament protocols for neck tightening as well. To find out more about this procedure click here.

Notoriously one of the harder cosmetic issues to address, Dr. Frank has great success in permanently erasing stretch marks using the Fraxel Dual Laser and Vbeam laser. In 3-6 easy treatments, most types of stretch marks can be markedly reduced in all skin types.

Don’t let razor or waxing rash ruin your summer. The LightSheer Desire hair removal system is the fastest, most effective and least painful device on the market, making permanent hair removal easier and more affordable than ever. No gels, no pain, no fuss. Full back or leg treatments in as little as 15 minutes. Done in a series of monthly treatments. The time to get started is now before Summer!

One of our most popular procedures, the Exilis Elite is the latest and greatest in facial and body skin tightening. Performed in no downtime sessions spaced 2-4 weeks apart, the Exilis Elite can tighten any area on the body- neck, chest, knees, buttocks, and thighs. Great for cellulite too! Used in combination with other facial skin tightening devices such as Ultherapy, Dr. Frank’s technique of combination therapy provide a whole new level of efficacy.

Dr. Frank is just back from Montreal Canada for the aesthetic advisory board meeting for Galderma – the makers of Restylane and the soon to be released Emervel line of hyaluronic acid fillers for the US market. Getting hands on first experience treating patients with this product, he is excited to add this to his armamentarium of products as we await the final FDA approval here in the US – stay tuned!

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