Newsletter 2014


The thaw is upon us, finally. Winter has seemed to pass and we are all looking forward to feeling the warmth of the sun upon our skin… with sunscreen, of course. As we are all excited about a summer of glowing and exposed skin, it is time to buff ourselves up in order to look our very best. As usual, we have several updates to our practice. After 13 years in our space we have just completed some rejuvenative renovations both aesthetically and functionally to our office. Our newly designed and optimized website www.pfrankmd.com is now up and running; in addition to our ancillary site www.pfrankmd-slim.com which is dedicated solely to fat and body procedures. I invite you all to take a look and I will look forward to seeing you soon.


Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank

PFrankMD new website www.pfrankmd-slim.com
Learn more about Laser Hair Removal

Our practice is the first in the country to acquire the New LightSheer Desire hair removal system. It is the fastest, most effective and least painful device on the market, making permanent hair removal easier and more affordable than ever. No gels, no pain, no fuss. Back or leg treatments in as little as 15 minutes. Don’t believe us. Ask about a complementary first time treatment for our established patients.

Notoriously one of the harder cosmetic issues to address, we currently have great success to permanently erase them using the Fraxel Dual Laser, the VBeam and the Dermapen Microneedling device. In 3-6 easy treatments most types of stretch marks can be markedly reduced in all skin types.

Learn more about Liposuction

The 5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center remains the most comprehensive place in the country for fat removal. Offering the widest range of procedures from the least to most invasive, we have a treatment option that can suit you. Visit our website www.pfrankmd-slim.com dedicated to body contouring and fat removal procedures to educate yourself on all of the treatment options. Dr. Frank remains one of the premier Tumescent Liposuction surgeons in the country.

As a world renowned expert in Tumescent, VASER and Laser Liposuction, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank is one of the world’s experts in the VASERsmooth Procedure. VASERsmooth permits us to effectively and quickly treat cellulite with quick recoveries and obvious results. The minimally invasive procedure is performed totally under local anesthesia in our surgically accredited office. Through a few tiny incisions that close without stitches or scars, local anesthesia is infused under the skin to totally numb the region. Using the thin, ultrasonic ‘VASERsmooth’ wand designed specifically to be used just under the skin, the device melts superficial fat, breaks the dimpling fibrous septae and tightens loose skin, resulting in an overall and permanently smoother appearance.

Learn more about Clear & Brilliant laser

From the makers of Fraxel technology is Clear & Brilliant – or what Dr. Frank coined Fraxel – light. Using the same unique technology with a novel wavelength of light, the Clear & Brilliant laser provides a minimal downtime way to freshen the skin, even out pigment, tighten pores, while rejuvenating collagen production. Say goodbye to lunchtime chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Click here to find out more about this exciting technology. For Fraxel beginners or patients just looking for a quick fix during the summer season.

Sclerotherapy remains the standard of care in ridding yourself of spider veins on the legs. Now with the FDA approved Asclera, removing spider veins is painless and easier than ever. Performed at two week intervals, leg veins can be erased in as little as 1-3 simple treatment sessions.

Coolsculpting gets an upgrade. The non-invasive, fat freezing device recently released a new non-suction handpiece with the ability and FDA approval to treat inner and outer thighs. Efficacy in these areas was a limitation of the technology until recently. We will be working with the technology to see if it suits the needs of our patients. Stay tuned!