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SPRING 2009 | Vol. 5
5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery and Laser Center
Director | Paul Jarrod Frank, M.D., PC
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Dear Friends,

As the change of seasons is upon us in these unnerving times, we can all empathize with each other’s need for some rejuvenation in all aspects of our lives. While the challenges of this period unfold, I am appreciative for all that I have and strive to take advantage of the several opportunities that arise from a period in flux. The world of beauty is no doubt changing face, but what is constant is our desire to look and feel good about ourselves. With that in mind, there is a continued trend towards less invasive and cost effective techniques for cosmetic rejuvenation. From new non-surgical, filler face-lift alternatives to cost effective competition of established brands such as Botox, I am confident that the field of dermatologic surgery will persevere. As my center hones its traditional skills and seeks out new techniques and treatments, I look forward to sharing in the opportunities that are before us. Below are just a few of some of the exciting things I have to share. As always, I am professionally most appreciative of your loyalty and referrals to my practice. If there is any issue of the skin, medical or cosmetic, that I can be helpful with, you know where to find me

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank

Dr. Frank develops the FLT (Filler-Lift & Tighten) procedure for non-surgical facial enhancement

Addressing both the volume distribution and loss of skin elasticity that progresses with time, Dr. Frank uses Radiesse and Juvederm to sculpt and lift the structures of the face while using radio frequency technology such as the new Thermage NXT to tighten loose skin. All this can be done in one no downtime treatment session that will take a decade off the face.

Dual Sculpt Procedure

After years of development, Smartlipo MPX has proven to be the most powerful of laser devices used in tumescent liposuction. Dr. Frank is one of the few physicians in the country to introduce this platform. As a renowned leader in minimally invasive liposuction, he is the only physician to utilize both the Smartlipo MPX and VASER liposelection devices in what he has coined the DualSculpt technique. Procedures are still performed only under local anesthesia in our surgically accredited facility. For details of this exciting procedure and to watch a video of Dr. Frank performing it, please visit our website link.

The Dermasculpt Laser Adds A New Dimension To Skin Resurfacing

The 5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery& Laser Center is proud to be one of the few centers in the country involved in the research and development of the Dermasculpt laser. As a multifunctional device, the dermasculpt offers both fractional and traditional resurfacing for wrinkles, sun damage, and acne scars. Ask about this exciting new technology or to be enrolled in one of our clinical trials.

Summer is coming……don’t let the cellulite dimples get you down

Dr. Frank was one of the first physicians in the country to introduce Thermage as the first non-invasive skin tightening device for the face. After six years of practice and development, we are pleased to introduce the Thermage NXT device. A brand new platform, the NXT is faster, more effective, and less painful than prior models. We now use the NXT effectively throughout the body for skin tightening and cellulite treatments.

Genetic Test For Premature Hair Loss Released

The HairDX genetic test allows us to take control of hair loss before it happens. Visual loss is not noticeable until 50% of one’s hair is gone. Now a simple genetic test using a cheek swab can help determine if you are at risk; and if so, get u started on a hair loss prevention program.

Dr. Frank’s 411 On Beauty News

Reloxin on the horizon to Botox alternative
Used for years in Europe under the name Dysport, Reloxin will be arriving soon to our market. Offering a different subtype of the active drug in Botox, we will soon have an alternative brand in the battle against frowns.


Latisse gives long luscious eyelashes

From the makers of Botox, we now have the first FDA approved and effective prescription eyelash enhancer. Check out the details at www.latisse.com


Allergan, makers of Botox and Juvederm, offers rewards program

In an effort to maintain brand awareness and product loyalty in tough economic times, the makers of the two most popular cosmetic agents in the world are now offering rewards programs with credit towards future treatments.


5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center referral program

In gratitude for your referrals, when new cosmetic patients mention your name our practice will send you a pfrankmd gift card with credit towards future treatments with us. Ask about the details of our program at your next visit.

Dr. Frank In The Media

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