Have we all returned from our travels and ready for Fall ‘22? After enjoying a gorgeous Summer and hearing stories of vacations, weddings, and celebratory indulgences, I am confident that we have all had the chance to catch up on life and that the pulse of New York City will be in full effect this Fall.

At no other time in my 22 years of practice have I seen such a boom in the aesthetics industry. With that, we have grown the PFRANKMD brand to give our patients the very best of dermatologic and aesthetic healthcare. The Covid bottleneck of new technologies is now broken, and we are seeing an unprecedented evolution of new technologies that we are engaged in developing which are changing the game of how we practice. With our good fortune and growth, we welcome several new members to the PFRANKMD family, including Dr. Asmi Sanghvi, who brings her training in integrative dermatology and ayurvedic medicine to us. We are also excited to announce the expansion and renovation of our original 5th Avenue flagship starting this October. Clearly, we have a lot to be excited about here at PFRANKMD, but mostly we are excited to be part of our patients’ lives again. We look forward to seeing you all this Fall.

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As one of the leading technology-based practices in the world, PFRANKMD is proud to be among a small handful of providers in the US chosen to participate in the prerelease of the much-anticipated Ellacor device. Based on a groundbreaking new technology called fractional micro-coring, Ellacor is the first device of its kind to non-surgically remove wrinkles while lifting and tightening skin. By utilizing rapidly automated fine needle extractions of skin throughout the area of treatment, the device removes eight percent of skin per session under local anesthesia. With a series of low-downtime treatments over successive months, we are seeing results comparable to those of surgery – only without scars or surgical excision. With its proven efficacy on the face, we are now expanding treatments to other parts of the body. Arms, knees, and décolletage are just some of the prime targets of this revolutionary technology.
To learn more about this new device click on the link below.

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EMFACE- It’s finally here!

The groundbreaking technology and highly anticipated facial device from the developers of EMCULPT has finally arrived. EMFACE is the first of its kind to painlessly and non-invasively support and restore facial architecture through the strengthening of facial muscles and improved skin thickness via electrical and radiofrequency stimulation. One of the most significant changes in the aging face is the loss of muscular and fascial support to the skin. With EMFACE technology, we are now able to make medically significant improvements to baseline muscle tone that support the face along with the more traditional collagen and elastin building results, found with synchronized radiofrequency energy.

A treatment consists of adhesive electrodes being placed on various muscles of the face along with the grounding pad on one’s back allowing radio frequency energy to synchronize and optimize electrical stimulating pulses that are delivered to the specific facial muscle groups. The patented HIFES (high intensity focal electrical stimulation) technology is performed in four weekly 20-minute sessions.

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AVICLEAR – Medication free clearance of Acne!

AviClear is the first of its kind energy-based device that produces long term clearance of inflammatory and cystic acne. AviClear treatment offers a safe, prescription-free solution in cases where chronic antibiotic use, hormonal manipulation, or Accutane (isotretinoin) was necessary. This innovative laser treatment uses a 1726nm wavelength to selectively target and suppress the sebaceous glands much like isotretinoin does. In addition to reducing existing acne, clinical trials show that future breakout episodes are shorter, less intense, and more infrequent. The device is also effective in reducing red acne scars and overall oily skin. Performed in 3 monthly treatments without appreciable recovery, Aviclear is a game changer for the field of Dermatology.

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Whether you’re undergoing acne treatments, cleaning out your skin or just trying to hydrate and keep it looking its very best, come in for the most thorough and cutting-edge medical facial out there. Performed by one of our aesthetic healthcare professionals in a no downtime 30 min treatment, Hydrafacial Syndeo is amazing as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with one of our wide array of offerings.

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As we have all been maximizing our time outdoors and taking the opportunity for travel and leisure, we have also been seeing the toll of sun on our skin. The four lasers in the Fraxel family remain the gold standard for treating sun damage, fine lines, scars, and stretch marks. In addition to reducing sun damage spots, shrinking pores, and smoothing out skin texture, the Fraxel line of lasers has been proven to effectively treat and reverse the precancerous sun damage known as actinic keratosis. When combined with other devices in the PFRANKMD armamentarium, an enormous amount of rejuvenation can be accomplished in just one treatment with only 4 days of makeup coverable recovery.

No time for downtime? A custom combination of various technologies and intensities is one of the many techniques we use to treat every patient’s individual needs. Dr. Frank is one of a select few laser surgeons in the country to offer the full line of Fraxel treatments and has developed trademarked PFRANKMD signature procedures that combine multiple technologies to maximize efficacy and safety. For resistant melasma, try our signature PFRANKMD Pigment Protocol treatment. For quick and painless removal of sun damage on the body try the BBL Body Glow.

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