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It’s safe to say that NYC is back! As someone who never left, I am overjoyed to experience the traffic and the hustle and bustle that goes along with the return to fall madness. Talking with patients and helping them prepare for weddings, vacations, birthdays, and other life events gives me a sense of normalcy and hope for the future that are essential to our existence. In sync with the return of the New York groove, PFRANKMD is thriving with new technologies, new staff members, and new initiatives to keep us all looking and feeling our best. With the borders now open, we welcome our international patients back with open arms – as well as those who took a hiatus from our great city over the past year and half. New York will always be the greatest city on earth, and its rebound from the pandemic is a testament to the resiliency of its residents. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, and grateful for the opportunity to provide you with the level of care that makes PFRANKMD the world’s leading aesthetic healthcare brand.


Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank

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As one of the leading technology-based practices in the world, PFRANKMD is proud to be among a small handful of providers in the US chosen to participate in the prerelease of the much anticipated Ellacor device. We will be working closely with its developer, Cytrellis, to optimize treatment protocols and develop marketing in preparation for the Ellacor’s release to the US aesthetic market in 2022. Based on a groundbreaking new technology called fractional micro-coring, Ellacor is the first device of its kind to non-surgically remove wrinkles while lifting and tightening skin. By utilizing rapidly automated fine needle extractions of skin throughout the area of treatment, the device removes eight to ten percent of skin per session under local anesthesia. With a series of low-downtime treatments over successive months, it is our expectation to achieve face and neck lifting results comparable to those of surgery – only without scars or surgical excision. Whereas the Ellacor is currently approved by the FDA for use on the face, we hope to expand its application to other
parts of the body.

To learn more about this groundbreaking technology click on the link below. Accepting consultations and performing treatments starting December 9th.

Male during Fraxel Resurfacing

Spending more time outdoors during the pandemic means more sun exposure, which takes its toll on our skin. The four lasers in the Fraxel family have become the gold standard for treating sun damage, fine lines, scars, and stretch marks. After 15 years, Fraxel lasers remain one of the most effective tools for aging gracefully. In addition to reducing sun damage spots, shrinking pores, and smoothing out skin texture, the Fraxel line of lasers has been proven to effectively treat and reverse the precancerous sun damage known as actinic keratosis. No time for downtime? A custom combination of various technologies is one of the many techniques we use to treat every patient’s individual needs. Dr. Frank is one of a select few laser surgeons in the country to offer the full line of Fraxel treatments, and has developed trademarked PFRANKMD signature procedures that combine multiple technologies to maximize efficacy and safety. For resistant melasma, try our signature PFRANKMD Pigment Protocol treatment.

Model with smooth skin


If you have a big event that you want to look great for, try PFRANKMD Skin Boosting with Aquagold. A popular addition to our signature treatments, Aquagold is a unique mesotherapy technique used to deliver bioactive compounds into the skin like Botox and hyaluronic acid filler – but without the trauma of traditional injectable techniques. Studies have shown that delivering these products into the more superficial layers of the skin provides dramatic cosmetic benefits that may not be seen from a deeper needle injection technique. Improved skin hydration, reduced pore size, and improved texture and tone are the most common benefits. With only a few hours of downtime and visible results within days, Aquagold alone – or in combination with our other treatments – will have you looking your best for any event.

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Going to the gym never gave you results like this! As an early adopter of the electromagnetic muscle-building technology of EMSCULPT, PFRANKMD offers the full spectrum of core to floor treatments – including the new EMSCULPT NEO, which represents the latest in full body sculpting technology. By combining the patented HIFEM muscle hypertrophy technology of the original EMSCULPT with traditional radiofrequency energy, the new EMSCULPT NEO builds more muscle, burns more fat, and tightens your skin all at the same time. Performed in four weekly treatments on almost any area of the body, this cutting-edge treatment yields incredible results that you can see and feel. Plagued by mild to moderate urinary incontinence or erectile dysfunction? Our HIFEM BTL EMSELLA Chair devices can safely and effectively improve your condition by strengthening muscles and vasculature in the affected area – and all you have to do is sit! Ask about our Fall Training body sculpting and cellulite treatment package!

$8,900 $13,000
(2 EMSCULPT NEO areas + 2 EMTONE cellulite treatment areas)

$8,500 $12,000
(2 EMSCULPT NEO areas for abdomen and buttocks + 4 EMSELLA treatments)

Erin Albaridi, PA-C of PFrankMD in New York City, NY

Board Certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants, Erin Albaridi has expertise in facial anatomy and non-surgical rejuvenation. She believes that injectables should be used to restore facial balance rather than only to create volume. Erin began her career practicing Emergency Medicine followed by Dermatology in Chicago and Atlanta. Her true passion had always been to direct her focus towards growing a facial aesthetics practice. Erin joined Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank in May of 2021 and it thrilled to be a part of the PFRANKMD team and is taking complementary consultation for injectables and laser procedures.

Sandra Peraza - Master Aesthetician of PFrankMD in New York City, NY

For over 20 years, Sandra has specialized in high performance luxury facial treatments with a focus on anti-aging, resurfacing, anti-acne, and anti-pigmentation. Her reputation hails from her tenure at The Valmont Spa at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée in New York City, and the Four Seasons Hotel, as well as The Mark Hotel. Sandra’s magic hands in conjunction with the latest technology utilizing the Oxylight and exclusive Valmont skin care enables her to create exceptional customizable facials. A unique experience at PFRANKMD, Sandra will also evaluate and guide guests with a skincare regiment to maintain their post treatment glow.

Due to pre-holiday demand, we offer a courtesy reminder to all our valued patients to make all end of year appointments as soon as possible so we may accommodate you at your convenience.

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