Newsletter 2016


Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank of PFrankMD outdoor portraitFall remains my most favorite time of the year for many reasons. The temperate weather, Fall colors, the hustle and bustle of our city as people return from Summer breaks, and the enthusiasm of innovation as I release new procedures and techniques that I develop in between some well deserved R&R with family and friends. This year is no different as we have many developments, relationships, and technologies to share with you. I hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy the summer season and look forward to the coming months as I do. I am excited to catch up with all my patients who, as always, make my job so much fun. I hope to see you soon!


Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank

With the release of the new Exilis Ultra, our traditional radiofrequency based device for full body skin tightening just added ultrasound energy to improve potency and depth of penetration for skin texture and tone. The combined technology into one device makes treatments faster and more effective than ever. Newer protocols developed by Dr. Frank combine this exciting technology with other treatments including Ultherapy and Dr. Frank’s signature combination treatment- the BRP Medical Facial.

The Novathread Lift is a novel technique offering tissue lift in the effort to avoid more invasive surgical procedures. In a simple, minimally invasive procedure similar to receiving injectables, small barbed absorbable sutures are inserted underneath the skin to shift and suspend facial and neck tissue in a lifted position that will last approximately 18 months. A perfect addition for those who have already maximized injectables and are seeking a bit more lift

Too much in one area and not enough in another is Mother Nature’s paradox. In the search for the perfectly shaped buttock, many efforts have been made over the years to simply and safely provide prolonged buttock augmentation. Due to the complications of buttock implants and the limited supply of fat to transfer in otherwise thin individuals, Dr. Frank developed a protocol for safe, lasting results coined the Sculptra Buttock Lift. Using this traditional volume filler, the buttocks are injected at monthly intervals for 3-6 treatments. The treatment and recovery is quick and results can last up to 2 years.

Dr. Frank remains one of the largest injectors of neuromodulators and fillers in the world. With every passing year, Dr. Frank refines various techniques to sculpt, restore, and rejuvenate the face with a variety of neuromodulators and injectable fillers. Harnessing techniques used internationally, he has recently refined some new uses of cannulas for volumetric lifting throughout the face (cannulift), skin boosting techniques for plumping of thin skin with hyaluronic acid, and microinjection of neuromodulators throughout the face and neck, known as microtox. Ask during your next treatment how to take your rejuvenation to the next level.

As part of the remarkable ability of the body to heal itself, human blood contains several growth factors involved in the tissue regeneration process. Now with platelet rich plasma (PRP), harnessed from a simple blood draw, we have the potential to enhance the body’s natural capacity to grow hair. By injecting PRP into the scalp of men and women with mild to moderate hair thinning we can thicken the existing hairs and increase overall density. Performed in a series of 20 minute non-invasive office procedures, you can maintain and/or regain the hair you have.

The Fraxel laser has become the gold standard in treating sun damage and all forms of safe skin resurfacing. In addition to ridding of brown spots, shrinking pores, and smoothening out skin texture, studies have proven the Fraxel® line of lasers to be effective for resistant melasma and to reverse and treat precancerous sun damage called actinic keratosis. For those patients that have no time for downtime, the Clear & Brilliant Fraxel laser allows patients to break up their regimen into several treatments allowing them to return to work immediately. Dr. Frank is one of the very few laser surgeons in the country to have the full line of Fraxel® products. Please refer to our Fraxel® website link to see which procedure is right for you

As a very early adopter of the technology almost 2 years ago, Dr. Frank’s use of this novel combination device continues to show wider applications for all skin types. With its ability to safely treat at various levels of intensity, we have optimized treatment protocols for neck tightening specifically.To find out more about this procedure click here.

Beautiful skin is a sign of good health; It takes discipline and the right combination of products and care to maintain. The most common complaints are dullness, pigmentation, redness, breakouts, and skin laxity.

We have carefully curated a collection of products and an array of treatment options to maintain your skin’s health set in a relaxing environment. Unlike a typical spa menu, Edyta will evaluate your skin with each visit and personalize your treatment.Our approach to aesthetician services is unique; Edyta carefully evaluates the skin and works in conjunction with Dr. Frank to create a beautiful canvas with the same artistic technique. Her signature Oxylight Oxygen treatment offers a variety of options including exfoliation, skin tightening, and LED light treatment. She offers several types of exfoliation including diamond micro dermabrasion, Sapphire abrasion, and the European ultra sound water peel for cleansing, hydration, and sensitive skin. Whether you have 20 minutes or 90 minutes to devote to skincare maintenance, Edyta can offer the right treatment to suit your skin’s needs. Contact the office to schedule your complimentary evaluation.

As a AAAHC surgically accredited facility, our practice makes comfort and pain management a priority. We have recently added to our armamentarium Nitrous Oxide, aka ‘laughing gas’. Potentially used for either injectables or laser procedures, nitrous oxide is an easy, safe, and effective analgesic and anti-anxiety option for patients that require an extra level of comfort. Out of your system in minutes, this sedative is a great option for those that must drive themselves home.

Dr. Frank and his medical aesthetician, Edyta Jarosz, have recently signed on as Global Skin Care Consultant and Ambassador for Madonna and MTG, Japan’s largest skin care and technology company. Developed and marketed originally in Japan, MDNA Skincare, with Dr. Frank’s help, is now planning global expansion throughout Asia, Europe, and subsequently North America. We are very excited about the relationship combining the efforts of MTG development and these iconic artists in the world of beauty.

Watch Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank and aesthetician Edyta Jarosz talking about the lastest facial and skin tightening treatments including OXYLIGHT and the new EXILIS ULTRA.