Newsletter 2015


Where did the summer go? I hope everyone got to enjoy some great weather and R&R with family and friends-I certainly did. Despite the sun and fun we have been kept very busy this year with a large expansion of the 5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center. In early 2016 we will be opening additional office facilities just across the hall providing us with more space for both clinical and research capabilities plus separate treatment rooms for specific procedures and added patient privacy.
With the expansion, we welcome two new staff members, Julie Concepcion and Amanda Sciorta; both formerly of Brandt Dermatology. Julie, with 20 years experience in Cosmetic Dermatology, has been appointed Clinical Manager of the entire practice. Amanda, a registered nurse, will be Surgical Coordinator and also an experienced laser technician. With all that, we have several new technologies and treatments to share with you all that are very exciting.

On a more somber note, sadly, the world suffered a huge loss this spring with the passing of the famous Dr. Fredric Brandt. Unfortunately, I can not claim to have been close to him. We were respected peers, shared common patients, and some time at conferences together. Fred was an absolute innovator in Cosmetic Dermatology, an empathic master physician, a kind gentleman, and an entertainer. His impact on Dermatology and on the way physicians such as myself practice is indelible. In passing conversations and interviews in the beauty industry, the question has often arose who will be the next Dr. Fredric Brandt. I know for myself, I can only strive to be the best version of Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank. But there is no doubt that his legacy has evolved and enhanced the nature in which I practice medicine both in the past and the future. I have been blessed with the opportunity to care for many of his former patients; a gift I do not take for granted. As always, I am humbled by the trust, the loyalty, and the kindness of all of my patients both new and old. I am a fortunate man. Fred, Rest In Peace.


Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank

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The Fraxel laser family has become the gold standard in treating sun damage, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and all forms of safe skin resurfacing. In addition to ridding of brown spots, shrinking pores, and smoothening out skin texture, studies have proven the Fraxel® line of lasers to be effective for resistant melasma and to reverse and treat precancerous sun damage called actinic keratosis.

For those patients that have no time for downtime, the Clear & Brilliant Fraxel laser allows patients to break up their regimen into several treatments allowing them to return to work immediately. Dr. Frank is one of the very few laser surgeons in the country to have the full line of Fraxel® brand products. Please refer to our Fraxel® web page to see which procedure is right for you.

Combining the two unique non laser technologies of micro-needling and radio-frequency, we are now able to resurface the skin at various layers to treat wrinkles, scars and tighten skin with equal efficacy for those patients who are not candidates for laser or who don’t respond as well to more traditional laser devices. Performed under topical anesthetic only the INFINI device can be tailored to various levels of intensity and relative downtime to suit both the patient’s clinical needs and lifestyle- all with minimal risk of skin color change or any sun sensitivity as seen with many laser devices. Take a look at our INFINI web page to read more about this exciting new treatment.

The Excel V device treats various benign discolorations of the skin both red and brown similar to the Vbeam and Medlite laser we traditionally use in our practice. With its unique wavelength and laser delivery system we are able to target more effectively vessels found on the legs and particularly around the eyes that may have been proven resistant to other therapies. With the added treatment hand piece of the Laser Genesis we are also able to provide a no downtime solution to diffuse redness, flushing, and early wrinkle treatment. Performed painlessly in a 10 minute treatment session, patients are able to return immediately to their daily activities. Read more about this great addition to our laser armamantarium here.

As part of the remarkable ability of the body to heal itself, human blood contains several growth factors involved in the tissue regeneration process. Platelets, found in blood, are known to release a variety of factors in response to injury or when the body is trying to regenerate tissue. Now with platelet rich plasma (PRP), harnessed from a simple blood draw, we have the potential to enhance the body’s natural capacity to grow hair. By injecting PRP into the scalp of men and women with mild to moderate hair thinning, we can thicken the existing hairs and increase overall density. Performed in a series of 20 minute non-invasive office procedures, you can maintain and/or regain the hair you have. Please read more on our weblink

As a world renowned expert in Tumescent, VASER and Laser Liposuction, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank utilizes the VASERsmooth procedure to effectively treat cellulite with a single treatment, quick recoveries and obvious results. The minimally invasive procedure is performed totally under local anesthesia in our surgically accredited office. Using the thin, ultrasonic ‘VASERsmooth’ wand designed specifically to be used just under the skin, the device melts superficial fat, breaks the dimpling fibrous septae and tightens loose skin, resulting in an overall and permanently smoother appearance.

Working from the outside in, the Exilis Elite offers radiofrequency-based skin tightening for the full body and face. Performed with greater power and efficacy in fewer treatments, the procedure feels merely like a hot stone massage. Great for arms, hands, thighs and the belly. Ideally, the device can be combined with other procedures or other skin tightening technologies such as VaserSmooth or Ultherapy to give a synergistic effect. At our center we don’t rely on just one technology, but a combination of devices and techniques to give our patients the best results. Take a read on our website to find out if the treatment is right for you.

Dr. Frank is one of the world’s most prolific injectors of Restylane filler products and is excited for the recent relaunch and FDA approval of Restylane LYFT. Formally known as Perlane, this unique product he has used for years as an excellent filler for lifting and providing volume restoration throughout the face. Now the FDA has put its stamp on it as well.
Since the Launch of Restylane SILK in early 2015, we have gained enormous experience in using this super soft filler for fine lines and volume around the eyes and lip region. We look forward to sharing our expertise in utilizing these injectables to suit your cosmetic needs. Ask Dr. Frank about the various options now available.

Kybella, the first injection for fat reduction, is finally FDA approved and available for under the chin area. For now, until greater experience throughout the industry is acquired, Dr Frank, as a renowned expert in fat removal techniques, has found this technique to be too painful, too much downtime, and too many treatments required relative to other treatments currently available. Stay tuned.

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