Newsletter 2007

Fall 2007 | Volume 3
5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery and Laser Center
Director | Paul Jarrod Frank, M.D., PC
1049 5th Avenue, Suite 2B | New York, NY 10028 | (212) 327-2919


The 5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center is proud to welcome Drs Carole Hazan and Sue Ann Wee to our family. Both NYU educated and board certified dermatologists, Drs Hazan and Wee recently completed advanced fellowships in cosmetic and dermatologic surgery. Offering their own flavor of expertise, each physician at our center treats a wide range of skin conditions ranging from rashes to wrinkles and skin cancers to acne scars. Keeping up with the rapid pace of technology, we continue to offer new and exciting procedures, all minimally invasive and always performed by a board certified dermatologic surgeon. I value your trust in my practice and appreciate your referrals, allowing me to expand and enhance my services for you.

Paul Jarrod Frank MD

The best facial of your life!

Dr Frank is one of the first physicians in the New York Area to offer Isolaz photo-pneumatic technology. Using a combination of Pulsed Light and pneumatic suction, the Isolaz Laser Facial painlessly and immediately drains every pore in one’s face while reducing the inflammation of acne. In a 10 minute treatment that causes only mild, temporary redness, patients can reduce the size of their pores, decrease breakouts, and cosmetically enhance their skin.

Fraxel Just keeps getting better and better

Announcing Fraxel 3. Same safety and efficacy as before but now with even deeper penetration for wrinkles and scars. And finally, NO MORE BLUE DYE. Fraxel resurfacing has just become that much easier!

Want to see the safest and most effective way to fit into those old jeans?

After performing almost 2000 tumescent liposuction procedures, Dr. Frank finally sets the record straight with a 20 min, real patient video of him performing liposuction under local anesthesia. Patients can now see how his technique differs from the rest. Take a look on the website and see for yourself.

Getting tighter and tighter

Thermage technology keeps expanding with its new STC tips. With deeper and faster penetration, Thermage tightens loose skin on the face and throughout the body.

A little too lazy in the sun this summer?

Fear not, fall is the best time to complete the no downtime, photofacial laser treatments to clear up those brown and red spots while renewing that youthful glow.

Dr Frank’s 411 on beauty gossip

New fillers continue to get FDA approval. The recent addition from Europe, Artefill offers promises of permanent wrinkle filling. Unfortunately, in Dr Frank’s experience, this filler has a higher complication rate than the several temporary and permanent fillers already available. The necessity of skin testing to the collagen found in the product adds an unnecessary delay to the rejuvenation process. New is not always better!

SmartLipo is still a bit stupid. Despite the hype that exists about this fat melting technology, our center has not found it to enhance any of the very minimally invasive techniques we already have to remove fat under local anesthesia.