Leah Halawani

Leah - PFrankMD

Leah is a seasoned sales professional who worked in the jewelry business for over fifteen years. She is vivacious and caring and excels in customer service and merchandising. Leah has always had a passion for beauty and skincare as well as science. During her high school and college years, she studied human genetics and wellness as well as nutrition; She values the connection between the two worlds of science and beauty. Attentive to details, she is an enthusiastic team player who keeps things lively with her fun sense of humor. She values the medical professionals that have helped her and always wanted to work in the medical field to pay it forward. When Leah is not working, she spends time with her loving family, cooks, and bakes. She loves the Golden Girls and game shows and has a sweet spot for eighties music and George Michael.