Frequently Asked Questions

Who performs treatments when I visit a PFRANKMD™ location?

Physicians, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses, and licensed medical professionals perform medical procedures including laser, and injectables. Licensed aestheticians perform microblading, permanent makeup, and cosmetic tattooing, as well as facials.

What is the training of the personnel at PFRANKMD™?

All clinical staff are trained in our original surgically accredited facility under the tutelage of Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank. All clinicians come with many years experience prior to PFRANKMD™ and are then trained within our guidelines and signature treatments to meet our standardization and quality of care. 

Is there a consultation fee?

There is a complimentary consultation with our healthcare providers. If you wish to consult with Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, there is a $700 consultation fee which can be applied towards a procedure.

Are any treatments covered by health insurance?

No, cosmetic treatments are elective in nature and not covered by insurance. Medical treatments may be submitted to one’s insurance with a form we provide.

Dr. Yang, board-certified dermatologist will accept major health insurance plans for medically reimbursable services.

How do I know if something is medical or cosmetic?

At PFRANKMD™ we treat all maladies of the skin, both cosmetic and medical. We do not participate in any health insurance plans, and therefore can treat your dermatologic skin care needs as fee for service.

How do I prepare for my initial visit?

You will receive a Welcome email that includes important information such as things to avoid if you plan on treatment on the same day. You may also print and fill out patient information prior, if you wish. Please bring a photo ID. You will be asked for a copy for your chart to ensure your safety and protection while in our care. 

Can I get a treatment done on the same day?

Most treatments such as injectables, aesthetician services, and most laser procedures can be performed on the same day following consultation. Other procedures, such as liposuction, and other laser treatments which have more time involved for the procedure would need to be scheduled for another time.

How do I know how much my visit will cost?

All treatments range in price. While we offer a price range, a complimentary consultation with our clinical staff or a paid consultation with Dr. Frank (which is credited towards treatment) can provide precise fee structure based on one’s treatment needs and options.

How am I billed for treatments?

All visits are fee for service and payments are expected in full when procedures are performed. We accept all major credit and debit cards. No personal checks are accepted upon initial visit. Please ask about our membership package programs to spread out payments or independent cosmetic finance companies we participate with such as Care Credit.

Can I see more than one provider at PFRANKMD™?


Can I see Dr. Frank specifically upon request?

Yes. There is a $700 consultation fee, which can be applied towards a procedure.