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Voluma XC in New York

Our faces are often one of the first areas of our bodies to show our age. The aging process and gravity both take a toll on our skin, especially in the facial region. As we age, the very structure of our skin changes. Hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally hydrating molecule found in the skin, begins to degrade, and our skin does not produce any more. This causes loss of volume in the cheeks, which can change the contours of the face and make the cheekbones much less defined. While previous techniques to correct this have typically involved surgical facelifts, the advent of Voluma XC, an injectable dermal filler for the cheeks, has made minimally invasive solutions available to our patients.

Voluma XC is the latest product from the makers of Juvederm. Unlike the already popular Juvederm XC, Voluma XC is specially formulated only for use in the cheek area, and is the only FDA-approved HA filler on the market to do so. While Juvederm XC may reduce wrinkles and is more suitable for use around the nose and mouth, Voluma XC is meant to treat age-related volume loss in the cheeks through a deep injection technique. Voluma XC is a hyaluronic acid (HA) filler, so it seeks to replace the hydrating molecules already found in the skin, and it also contains lidocaine, a mild anesthetic, for maximum patient comfort*.

A Voluma XC procedure is minimally invasive. After a consultation, a topical anesthetic may be applied for patient comfort. The injection procedure itself takes under a half hour on average*. Patients can generally return to their daily activities immediately following the procedure, but some patients may choose to wait 24 hours*. The mild to moderate side effects of Voluma XC are similar to other fillers and can include temporary redness, swelling, or tenderness, among others. However, these should dissipate on their own after a few weeks at most.

Voluma XC is specially formulated to make it stand out from its competitors. It is one of the longest lasting fillers available, and results can last up to two years with optimal treatment*. It also can be combined with other dermal fillers for improved results.

As with all fillers, or even any cosmetic procedure, the skill of the doctor is paramount in achieving great, natural-looking results. A less experienced or skilled doctor may not provide the desired results, and can even make their patients look asymmetrical, imbalanced, or as though they have had “work done.” Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank has had many years of experience with dermal fillers, and his patients have been thrilled with his results. Dr. Frank was one of the first doctors in New York to receive and use this new filler, so please contact our office for a consultation to see if Voluma XC is the right solution for you!

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