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Ultherapy Procedure In New York

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is an innovative cosmetic procedure designed to provide the skin with a youthful appearance. This procedure reduces the appearance of age by tightening sagging skin. Ultherapy goes deep into the skin tissue, but the treatment does not damage the skin's outer layers. The procedure uses ultrasound technology to tighten and lift skin on the face and neck.

What should I expect during the Ultherapy procedure?

Ultherapy is an hour long, non-invasive procedure that utilizes ultrasound and the healing power of the body. Ultrasound technology is used to view the skin layers that will be treated so that only the precisely targeted tissue will be treated. The procedure provides heat to the targeted tissue, and thereby tightens and lifts the skin without the need for surgical incisions. According to the patient's requirements, the skin will be treated in parts or as a whole. Ultherapy can be used to reduce sagging skin on the eyelids, tighten the jaw line and neck, and lift the brow. The procedure is performed using a mild sedative so that the patient will be comfortable during the process.

Is there any recovery time for Ultherapy?

No recovery period is needed following Ultherapy. You can return to your normal daily activities immediately after the procedure.

Is Ultherapy a safe procedure?

Yes, this is a safe procedure that meets all safety standards set by the FDA. Several thousands of procedures have been performed all over the world without any serious complications.

How many procedures will I need to get the desired results?

Normally, most patients require only one procedure; however, some may require two or more treatments to obtain the desired results. About 11% of people require two procedures to correct sagging skin. Only 3% of the patients require three treatments to get the desired results using Ultherapy. The aging process of the skin can be slowed down by performing touch-up treatments annually.

Is Ultherapy painful?

Comfort level varies from one patient to another. You may feel a certain level of discomfort during Ultherapy, but the discomfort is only temporary.

How is the Ultherapy procedure performed?

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank will use an ultrasound applicator on the targeted area, which allows the doctor to see the skin tissue beneath the targeted area. The image of the targeted area will be displayed on a screen, and the doctor will deliver a low level of ultrasound energy to the skin at that specific depth. The skin that has been targeted by the ultrasound will contract immediately, which stimulates the formation of new collagen within a certain period of time. This results in the gradual tightening of the skin, and thereby lifts the tissue of the facial skin. The procedure triggers the regenerative response of the body resulting in the tightening, lifting and firming of the treated skin.

Are there any complications after the procedure?

The patient can resume normal activities immediately and does not need to take any special precautions after the procedure. Sometimes the skin may become puffy or flushed immediately following the treatment, but this will disappear within hours.

What results can I expect from the procedure?

The regeneration or rejuvenation of the skin will be initiated after one treatment, but it will take 2-3 months to see the full results. Most patients experience tighter and firmer skin on the treated areas within 3 months.

Who is the ideal candidate for Ultherapy?

The ideal candidate has sagging skin or a lowered brow line, which is associated with the aging process. The candidate is usually thirty years of age or older. Both men and women can undergo the Ultherapy procedure. If you have severe sagging skin, you may need repeated treatments to obtain desired results. NYC Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank will evaluate your skin condition to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

What areas can be treated using Ultherapy?

Any body part that has skin laxity or requires skin tightening can be treated effectively and safely using Ultherapy. Ultherapy can be done on any area of the face, such as temples, forehead, lower face, and mid-face. The neck can also be treated using Ultherapy. Maximum benefits are obtained by patients who have undergone full neck and face treatment. Ultherapy can be used to lift the brow line to reduce the droopiness of the eyelids, and help in smoothing out crow's feet, which provides a refreshing appearance to the eyes. Ultherapy is helpful in lifting and tightening flabby skin on the cheeks, which helps in reducing the folds of nose, mouth, and jaw. The patient will receive a well-defined jaw line and skin texture.

How long will the results of Ultherapy last?

The duration of the results obtained from the Ultherapy procedure will vary from patient to patient. Generally, you can expect to enjoy the benefits of Ultherapy for up to 2 years.

Is it possible to combine Ultherapy with other non-surgical procedures?

Yes, Ultherapy can be used along with other non-invasive procedures such as Fraxel, injectable fillers, and Botox to improve the results of the treatment.

What is the cost of the Ultherapy Procedure?

The cost of the procedure will range from $1,500-$4,500,depending on the area of treatment. Enjoy the benefits of Ultherapy treatment with the help of New York Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Jarrod Paul Frank. Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank is skillful and experienced at performing Ultherapy.

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