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Ulthera for Browlift in New York

Many people visit Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank in New York to discuss ways to enhance their appearance by reducing wrinkles and sagging skin on and around their face. In particular, some people seek to lift the skin around their forehead to provide overall tightening to the skin across the face. As we age, our skin loosens due to a decrease in collagen, the substance in our skin responsible for elasticity and firmness, and the effects of gravity. This can result in the formation of wrinkles across the forehead, between the eyebrows, and around the corners of the eyes. In the past, solutions to these complaints were limited to facelifts and brow lifts, which are highly invasive procedures that require significant cost and downtime for the patient. Thanks to evolving technologies, Dr. Frank is now able to offer non-surgical browlifts through the use of Ulthera to his patients in the New York area.

Ulthera, which is also known as Ultherapy, utilizes ultrasound technology. Ultrasound technology has been safely used for a wide variety of purposes in the medical community for over 50 years. The FDA has approved Ultherapy for use on the face and neck to provide an overall lifting and firming affect. It has also been approved for use on very specific areas to provide targeted lifting. Dr. Frank’s experience with this technology allows him to offer effective browlifts to his patients without blades or anesthesia. After examining your face, Dr. Frank will determine exactly which areas should be targeted to provide natural lifting and firming to effectively rejuvenate your appearance and minimize the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ulthera utilizes the body’s own healing process, which contributes to the very natural results provided by the procedure. During the procedure, Dr. Frank will move the Ulthera device across your skin in the determined areas, sending ultrasound waves deep into the inner layers of the dermis. Without causing damage to the surface of the skin, the ultrasound waves will cause the underlying tissue to heat and contract. This contraction provides an immediate firming effect, and stimulates the production of collagen. As collagen production increases, continued firming and lifting of the skin will occur in the following few months. The procedure can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the amount of work required. Afterwards you will be able to return to normal activities immediately, as side effects are limited to minor redness and swelling. Thanks to the speed of the procedure and quick recovery time, Ultherapy is an ideal “lunchtime” procedure, allowing you to return to the office with no visible indications of the procedure.

Many patients report feeling immediately energized, as their skin feels firmer and the lifting effect may ease tension felt around the eyes and forehead. Results will continue to appear during the next few days, and full results can be seen after three months, due to increased collagen production in your body. The results of your Ulthera brow lift will typically last for about 10 to 12 months. Annual touch ups can prolong the effects of the treatment and are safe to perform. In order to achieve effective results, it is important to work with a doctor who understands how to utilize Ultherapy as a brow lift technique. Dr. Frank’s experienced eye and artistic skills allow him to understand how lifting in certain areas around the forehead can provide the best results for your unique face. With a practice in NYC, Dr. Frank is conveniently located to patients throughout the tri-state area. Call today to find out how Ultherapy can help you achieve the youthful, rejuvenated appearance you desire.