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PFRANKMD™ TLT (Tighten, Lift, and Tone) Treatment

For over two decades, various technologies have been developed to tighten skin throughout the face and body. Using heat to contract tissue and reproduce vital components of youthful skin, such as collagen, several forms of energy have been utilized; most commonly bipolar, mono polar radiofrequency, and ultrasound. Of the dozens of devices currently on the market, each particular technology has variabilities in pain, depth of penetration, efficacy, and number of treatments required preventing any one from being the ideal treatment. As an innovator in non-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation, Dr. Frank has used many of the available technologies throughout the years. In creating the ideal treatment protocol for facial skin tightening, he has developed his signature TLT (Tighten, Lift, and Tone) protocol to maximize efficacy and minimize treatment and discomfort for his patients. Utilizing the most cutting edge radiofrequency and ultrasound devices such as Ultherapy®, Exilis Ultra, and Infini radiofrequency microneedling, he combines in a simple one-hour treatment the greatest assets of these devices to synergistically enhance the patient outcome, comfort and time commitment to achieve totally non-invasive facial lifting. Ask us about this unique proprietary treatment and see if it’s right for you.

Before and
After Photos

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TLT Treatment - Before and after
  • TLT Treatment - Before and after
  • TLT Treatment - Before and after

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual and cannot be guaranteed*

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