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RADIESSE® for Cheek Bone Enhancement

RADIESSE® is a remarkable dermal filler that is an ideal choice for use in restoring facial volume and for total facial contouring. RADIESSE® can restore a youthful appearance to your face, enhance existing facial features, combat the effects of age and gravity, and reduce wrinkles, thus boosting your confidence and satisfaction with your appearance. The treatment does not involve invasive surgery or scarring, making it a preferred method for many people. RADIESSE® is exceptionally beneficial for those wishing to enhance their cheekbones. The qualities and characteristics of this filler make it quite suitable for patients who wish to define and restore the beauty of their cheekbones.

RADIESSE® is a unique filler in that it provides both instant results and continues to work with your body after the treatment. RADIESSE® is made of calcium-based microspheres, which are a normal constituent of human bone, suspended in a water-based gel. After it is injected in your skin, it immediately adds volume to the skin in the areas where the doctor has placed it. After injection, it stimulates a process called collagenesis in the treatment area. Collagenesis is the process of stimulating the body to produce more collagen, which will occur around the injection area, providing further contouring and firmness to the skin. RADIESSE® actually works with your body’s natural process to create firmer skin, and a more contoured appearance.

When you desire enhanced contouring in certain areas of your face, your doctor is likely to recommend that you try RADIESSE®. The cheek bones are one of the most common areas of the face where individuals desire additional contouring. For years, men and women in the modeling industry who desired to have sculpted, glamorous cheekbones opted for RADIESSE® treatments in order to achieve the look. These days, glamorous cheekbones are not only for models – they are something many of us desire. Using RADIESSE® to enhance your cheekbones can improve your appearance in many ways. They will enhance the mid-portion of your face, thus softening wrinkles on the lower portion of your face, contributing to an overall appearance of youthfulness. RADIESSE® can be used both to create sculpted cheekbones in younger people, and to restore lost volume in the cheekbones that occurs as a result of aging. If you are interested in using RADIESSE® for either of these applications, you should discuss with a doctor who is experience in RADIESSE® treatments for cheekbone enhancment, such as Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank.

RADIESSE® Treatment

The RADIESSE® treatment process is fairly simple. The treatment takes about 15 minutes and only a local anesthetic is required. The results of the treatments can last up to 1 year, which is longer than many other injectable fillers. It is important to find a doctor who is skilled at sculpting cheekbones with RADIESSE®, as an unskilled or inexperienced doctor may produce unnatural looking results. Dr. Frank has a wealth of experience in using RADIESSE® for sculpting, enhancing, and restoring the youthful appearance of cheekbones. In order to determine the skill of a doctor, you should ask to see before and after photos of previous patients. This will also help you determine if RADIESSE® for cheekbone enhancement is right for you. In order to determine if the procedure will be appropriate for you, make an appointment with Dr. Frank today. The glamorous, youthful cheekbones you have always wanted can now be easily obtained in just one visit!

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