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PICO Genesis™ and PFRANKMD™ Pigment Protocol

The Enlighten III laser and PICO Genesis™ introduce a brand new approach to non-invasively ridding of all pigmented problems of the skin including melasma, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and all colors of tattoo inks. In addition, the technology cosmetically rejuvenates the skin for all skin types WITHOUT ANY DOWNTIME. PICO Genesis™ is a great option for those with sensitive skin, pigment that is resistant to traditional treatments and also those who can’t afford time off from life.

Pigment particles are very small and dense and can be highly problematic when damaged by heat, that is why most lasers have traditionally been either a riskier choice or have involved treatment with downtime, particularly for melasma and hyper pigmentation. Enlighten PICO Genesis™ uses higher peak power with a strong, non-thermal, photomechanical effect to shatter the pigment without causing thermal damage to the surrounding tissue. The result is a brighter, more uniform complexion in as few as two treatments!
As an innovator in technologic approaches to skin rejuvenation, Dr. Frank combines several non-invasive technologies to safely and quickly improve the color, tone, and texture of the skin. The PICO Genesis™ has become an important component in his signature treatments for the various cosmetic maladies related to excessive pigment in the skin.

His proprietary PFRANKMD™ Pigment Protocol revolutionizes the approach to skin rejuvenation and even skin color. Ask how this procedure can benefit you.

Before and
After Photos

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Pigment Protocol - Before and after
  • Pigment Protocol - Before and after
  • Pigment Protocol - Before and after
  • Pigment Protocol - Before and after

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual and cannot be guaranteed*

PicoGenesis: New, Novel Skin Procedure

PicoGenesis: New, Novel Skin Procedure
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