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The skin on the face is often the first to show visible signs of aging, as the natural production of collagen slows down over time and gravity takes its toll on the loose skin. Over time, many people see the development of facial folds and deeper wrinkles, especially in the area between the nose and the corners of the mouth. These more dramatic signs of aging can now be treated with PerlaneĀ®, an FDA-approved dermal filler injection that can smoothen moderate to severe facial folds and wrinkles and add youthful volume and smoothness to your face.

What is PerlaneĀ®

PerlaneĀ® is a clear gel formulation in the RestylaneĀ® family of products. Like RestylaneĀ®, Perlane is also composed of hyaluronic acid, which is a substance found naturally in younger skin that keeps the skin full and hydrated. What differentiates PerlaneĀ® from RestylaneĀ® is the size of the particles and the depth of injection, which makes PerlaneĀ® better suited to treat more severe signs of aging. PerlaneĀ® is designed to attract and bind water molecules, which helps the skin to maintain volume over time. The particles in PerlaneĀ® are specifically designed to delay the bodyā€™s natural efforts to break them down. Results will continue to develop for several months after the initial procedure, ensuring long-lasting results*.

When Can You See Results

Many patients see immediate results from PerlaneĀ® after just one injection, and the treatment does not require any downtime for recovery, unlike a traditional facelift or other surgical procedure*. PerlaneĀ® is injected into the skin with a very fine needle, so although the procedure is minimally invasive, local anesthesia may be an option to consider.

Common Side Effects

Mild side effects such as skin discoloration, swelling, redness, and itching are common immediately after the procedure, but these symptoms typically last less than a week as the injection site heals*.

PerlaneĀ® should not be used by people with:

  • Severe allergies, specifically to gram-positive bacteria
  • Bleeding disorders

It is also not yet approved for treating lips, for nursing mothers, or for people under 18 or over 65 years of age.

Perlane As a Wrinkle Solution

Like RestylaneĀ®, PerlaneĀ® is not a permanent solution for wrinkles or other signs of aging. Because PerlaneĀ® mimics the effects of the bodyā€™s own hyaluronic acid, the body is able to absorb and distribute it the same way, ensuring great looking results*. But for the same reason, the hyaluronic acid in PerlaneĀ® is gradually broken down and released by the body over time, just like natural hyaluronic acid. Effects from a PerlaneĀ® treatment typically last around six months. The frequency of follow-up treatments is up to the discretion of the patient and the doctor.

Schedule Your Perlane Consultation with Dr. Frank

If you think PerlaneĀ® might be the right solution for you, you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank at our AAAHC-accredited clinic. Dr. Frank has extensive experience with PerlaneĀ® and other dermal fillers, and can help you determine if PerlaneĀ® is the right solution to help you reach your anti-aging goals. Now you can laugh freely again, without worrying about the lines!

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