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Rejuvenation Peels and Microdermabrasion

Using chemical exfoliants such as glycolic, salicylic and trichloroacetic acid, we are able to reduce the appearance of sun-damaged skin and stimulate its healthy re-growth in a controlled fashion. The resulting exfoliation targets dead cell layers, promotes underlying collagen regeneration to reduce fine lines, and evens out the texture and pigment of one’s skin. Great for controlling acne, reducing dark spots, and creating a natural youthful glow.

These are not your spa’s peels. Concentrations and preparations used are available only to licensed physicians.

Lunch time peels – sends you right back to work or play-70% glycolic acid or 5% salicylic acid. Can be done at 3-6 week intervals to give you that glow, unclog your pores, and control those breakouts*. Done sequentially over time, these peels can improve fine wrinkling and the texture of your skin. Great for pregnant women with acne.

TCA body and facial peels -This powerful exfoliant, used at lower concentrations, causes just a few days of subtle redness and peeling. 1-2 treatments can really change the quality and coloring of your skin*. Great for significantly sun-damaged and spotted arms, chests, and neck.

Medium depth Peels - A peel combining higher concentrations of a few agents including TCA, salicylic and acetic acid can, in one treatment, make a dramatic effect in the reduction in appearance of dark spots and fine lines. This peel gives the appearance of a sunburn in which redness and peeling of 1 week reveals an entire new set of healthy younger skin*.

Microdermabrasion - Used as a physical exfoliant, Microdermabrasion targets the superficial layers of the skin with mildly abrasive aluminum oxide crystals. Reduction of dead skin cells and polishing your outer surface, microdermabrasion drains clogged pores and give you smoother, softer skin. Done in only 15 min, patients can go right back to their daily activities*. Treatments are usually done sequentially at 3-6 week intervals for maximum results*.

Great for patients who are overly sensitive to chemical agents in cosmeceuticals and peels.

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