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Director | Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank
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Non-Surgical Procedures, Manhattan, NY

Cosmetic technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the past decade. Now, more than ever, there are a wide variety of non-surgical and non-invasive procedures that patients can choose from in targeting their cosmetic concern. A surgical procedure can be very draining on patients; it is not only a large financial commitment, but can be emotionally and mentally difficult, and an extended recovery period may not be possible for working patients or those with children. For patients who want cosmetic improvements without the need for a surgical procedure, the non-surgical options are a great alternative.

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank has remained devoted to being able to offer his patients the latest and greatest in cosmetic technology, and offers one of the widest ranges of non-surgical procedures in the New York area. Dr. Frank has extensive experience with non-surgical procedures and can help patients determine which solution is truly right for their needs, desired outcomes, budget, and time constraints. A consultation with Dr. Frank at our Manhattan office in NYC will help every patient who wishes to learn more about the non-surgical options that are available to them.

female face - pic Filler Facelift / Non-Surgical Facelift (FLT) Dr. Frank has revolutionized the cosmetic industry with his Filler Facelift. Using a combination of the non-surgical procedures Thermage Thermalift and injectable fillers, Dr. Frank helps provide the effect of a surgical facelift by tightening the skin, increasing volume, and helping spur the production of new collagen. Read More
Hand Rejuvenation Hand Rejuvenation Dr. Frank takes a collaborative approach to rejuvenating the hands. Instead of one treatment, Dr. Frank believes in using two breakthrough ones. They're comprised of the only FDA-approved filler Radiesse to increase volume in hands and give them a plump, vibrant look while combining the Fraxel Thulium™ to reduce brown spots. Read More
female face view Non-Surgical Eye Lift Surgical eyelifts, known as blepharoplasty, can have many downsides including scarring, extended recovery, and even a worsening of under-eye bags if unskilled surgeons remove too much tissue. Dr. Frank has developed a non-surgical eye lift using dermal fillers that accomplish the same results without the risks involved in a surgical procedure. Read More
female face - picture Non-Surgical Nose Job For patients with only minor cosmetic concerns, a surgical rhinoplasty may not be the ideal solution. A non surgical nose job can use fillers to make minor adjustments, such as smoothing out bumps in the bridge of the nose, even out the nose’s shape, or lift the tip. Read More
female - image Scar Revision Our laser options include the V-Beam, Medlite, and Fraxel lasers, all of which have varying degrees of aggressiveness and treatment courses. These lasers reduce darkened or raised scarring. Read More
female spin - image Tattoo Removal We currently offer the Medlite Nd: Yag Tattoo Removal Laser and the Fraxel Repair for tattoo removal. Tattoo removal success depends greatly upon the patient’s skin color and the color, quality, and age of the tattoo, which may mean that not all tattoo removal procedures will be successful. Read More
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