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Finally, Spring has arrived and it is well deserved after a long, wet and cold winter. Even your dermatologist is looking forward to some time spent outdoors with the warmth of the sun against his face...with sunscreen, of course. With social plans being made and weekend outings being planned, it is time to gear up, slim down, and get yourself looking and feeling your very best. As usual, the world of beauty continues to evolve and with that I continue to expand my practice and hone the techniques that keep us all looking like the best versions of ourselves. Here are some of the hot Spring highlights.

Thank you once again for trusting your skin to me and I look forward to seeing all of you soon!

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News | Spring 2010 - Volume 8

Bathing suit time is upon us!

Don't let those hard to lose bulges get you down. Dr. Frank remains one of the most experienced surgeons in the country for performing Tumescent Liposuction under local anesthesia. Using SmartLipo™ laser and Vaser® ultrasound technology in our accredited surgical suite, Dr. Frank will have you back at work in 48 hours and ready for the beach in 1-2 weeks. Watch our education video to find out what all the talk is about.

With our Thermage® body technology we are now ironing out those annoying lumps and bumps of cellulite on the body. Using radio frequency energy, we can now get dramatic results in only one treatment session.

Fraxel Re:store® Dual +Thulium changes the face of laser resurfacing.



Fraxel®, the groundbreaking technology that changed cosmetic laser surgery forever has yet again advanced. Now the third device available, the traditional Fraxel Re:store® has added another wavelength specific to brown pigment and superficial sun damage called the Thulium completing a full spectrum of skin resurfacing. Dr. Frank is one of the very few surgeons in the country to have the full line of Fraxel® devices. Please refer to our Fraxel® website link to see which procedure is right for you.

Show off your legs!

Sclerotherapy remains the standard of care to vanish spider veins. With a few treatments done at two week intervals, you'll be just in time for beach season. Now with the newly FDA approved polidoconol product, removing spider veins is painless and easier than ever.

Don't ruin your clothes with sweat this summer!

Fraxel® Laser

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Fraxel Re:store® Dual + Thulium

Excess sweating causes both physical and social discomfort. This difficult problem seen most commonly under the arms and on the hands can be safely and effectively treated with BOTOX® or Dysport™. Lasting up to six months, the treatment is virtually free of side effects and has no effect on the body's ability to regulate temperature or on other sweat glands elsewhere on the body. Great for individuals sensitive to deodorants and anti-perspirants.

We've got a New Look

In an effort to streamline our practice and provide the most up to date information on our procedures and treatments we have redesigned our website. With a new look, several educational videos and a new procedure and skin conditions glossary we hope to provide the most cutting edge center in skincare education and beauty information.

Don't forget to log in to Dr. Frank's Beauty Blog where he discusses the latest procedures and controversies in cosmetic rejuvenation, www.Beautycheckin.com.

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