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Another year, gone..again. I am known for turning back the clock but I cannot seem to get it to stop ticking. That being said, it was an interesting year for us all. It is my hope that everyone had a healthy and a happy new year with revitalized enthusiasm for things to come. I am very excited about new opportunities in skincare, technologies and techniques that we have recently acquired at the 5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center. As always, there are new tricks up my sleeve and I am excited to share them with you all. Once again, thank you for your loyalty, your referrals, and the smiles that continue to make my job a very special one.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

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In the Media

Avenue Magazine
November 2009

> "Upper East Side’s
Fountain of Youth"

News | Winter 2010 - Volume 7

Fraxel: Repair Brings in a New Generation of Wrinkle Reduction

With the NEW Fraxel Repair we can now perform the microscopic skin-lift that we have been waiting for. With only 1 week of social downtime we are able to safely and effectively take 15 years off the skin.  In one treatment, sun damage and scars are dramatically improved. Fine lines above the lip and around the eyes that are so difficult to target with Botox and fillers are finally able to be minimized.

With this technology, we are able to perform scar-less eye-lifts and skin tightening, treat laser resistant tattoos and treat skin on the body as well.  Dr. Frank is one of the only physicians in the tri-state area with this gold standard fractional CO2 technology. Please ask for a formal consultation and see for yourself the great results we are getting.

Great Minds Think Alike

Estee Lauder’s Beauty Bank has teamed up with Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank as their global endorser and consultant for their GoodSkin Labs anti-aging line. Sold exclusively in over 1,000 Kohl’s stores around the U.S., Dr. Frank will help expand the line, adding new products and developing greater exposure globally throughout Europe, Asia, and South America.  We are very excited about this partnership.

Dr. Frank  Expands His Private Pfrankmd Skincare Line

Pfrankmd Skincare continues to fill the gaps left in medical skin care with the addition of several new pharmaceutical-grade products. Medicated lip balms, prescription strength fading creams, and a variety of quick fix and maintenance acne products are just some of the hot items that Dr. Frank has formulated exclusively for his patients.

The Sculpting Continues

The use of various fillers continues to offer the quickest and most naturally effective resolution to aged skin. With newer applications such as hand rejuvenation, Filler Face-Lifts, squaring off of the jaw-line, or performing non-surgical nose-jobs, plastic surgery is almost obsolete.

Erase Stretch Marks

For The Skin

> Read more about Fraxel Restore/Repair

For decades, we have struggled to find technologies that will improve one of the most common cosmetic complaints.  Dr. Frank has developed a treatment protocol using Fraxel Restore technology to permanently and dramatically reduce their appearance in just 3-5 treatment sessions.

Isn’t it Time You Got Rid of Those Scars?

Dr. Frank is renown for his scar revision techniques. Using a potential combination of numerous lasers, injectables and surgical strategies, Dr. Frank can improve just about any scar(s). Ask about Microdroplet  Silicone Injections. Dr. Frank is one of the most experienced and published experts in the United States on this technique.

Bathing Suit Season Is Around the Corner

After your New Year’s resolution gets rid of those final pounds, you may be left with one or two stubborn bulges.  Dr. Frank’s two-day recovery, Tumescent liposuction is performed solely under local anesthesia in our AAAHC accredited facility and will ensure you reach your goals for the beach this summer.

Beauty News


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  • Evolence, the short-lived collagen filler is now off the market due to poor sales. A perfect example of how new is not always better.
  • Fraxel Repair adds NEW treatment tip technology for applications off the face and is available in our office.

Dr. Frank In the Media

  • Avenue Magazine- November 2009
    Profile of Dr. Frank - "Upper East Side’s Fountain of Youth"
  • Star Magazine
    Dr. Frank featured on “Celebrity Skin”