Image 01And just like that....Summer is over. Despite the changing temperatures, Autumn is by far my favorite season. It has been a very busy Summer for us and I look forward to sharing it all with you in the coming months. In an effort to grow another set of arms, I am enthusiastic to first introduce my new associate Dr. Jeremy A. Brauer, whom I have known for over a decade since he was first my resident at NYU Langone Medical Center. Dr. Brauer is a fellowship trained dermatologic surgeon with expertise in laser and skin cancer surgery. We are excited to have him as an associate to my private practice, Medical Director to my recently launched PFRANKMD Skin Salon concept that will be expanding throughout the tri-state area, and Director of Research at PFRANKMD Skin Labs, our consulting and emerging technology research division.

At the end of September, as dermatologic consultant in product development for MTG and Madonna, we will be having our North American launch of MDNA skincare. The partnership with this cutting edge aesthetic brand developed in Japan will add a brand new dimension to the PFRANKMD brand. PFRANKMD Skin Salon is the exclusive provider for MDNA Skin professional skin treatments performed by our lead aesthetician and Ambassador for MDNA Skin, Edyta Jarosz. Last but not least, we have new and exciting technologies, techniques, and signature PFRANKMD treatments that continue to innovate in the landscape of beauty and cosmetic rejuvenation. For all of our exciting updates and procedures follow us on Instagram and Facebook @drpauljarrodfrank and @pfrankmdskinsalon. I look forward to catching up with you all.

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank
Fall is Fraxel® Season!
The Fraxel® laser has become the gold standard in treating sun damage and all forms of safe skin resurfacing. With only 4-5 days of makeup coverable recovery, the Fraxel Thulium is known for ridding of brown spots, shrinking pores, and smoothening out skin texture. In addition, studies have proven the Fraxel® line of lasers to be effective to reverse and treat precancerous sun damage called actinic keratosis. Click here to read more.
Is pigment your problem?
For those patients that have no time for downtime or have difficult pigment from scars or resistant melasma, the signature PFRANKMD Pigment Protocol allows patients to split their regimen into several safe treatments allowing them to return to work the next day. This proprietary treatment protocol utilizes both fractional non-ablative and picosecond laser technology to target pigment at every level of the skin safely in all skin types and sensitivities. And for those patients who want a minimal downtime greatest hits of all our procedures read about our BRP (Build, Repair, Polish) Signature Medical Facial.
The 5th Avenue Butt Lift
Too much in one area and not enough in another is Mother Nature's paradox. In the search for the perfectly shaped buttock, many efforts have been made over the years to simply and safely provide prolonged buttock augmentation, cellulite reduction and skin smoothening. Due to the complications of buttock implants and the limited supply of fat to transfer in otherwise thin individuals, Dr. Frank developed the 5th Avenue Butt Lift protocol for safe, lasting, and natural feeling results. Using biostimulatory fillers such as Sculptra and Radiesse, buttocks are injected at monthly intervals for 3-6 treatments until desired results are gradually achieved. The treatment and recovery is quick and results last several years with only intermittent touch up treatments. Read more here.
PFRANKMD Stem Cell Facelift
As a world renowned expert in liposuction surgery, Dr. Frank has been successfully performing fat transfer for over 2 decades. Recent advancements in fat harvesting and processing allow us to isolate and utilize the stem cells within fat to rejuvenate and revolumize facial structures with the minimal downtime and recovery of temporary fillers. With results lasting several years, this technique is ideal for patients where temporary fillers become too much maintenance. Click here to read more.
Dr. Frank teams up with Women's Health Expert
Dr. Frank teams up with Women's Health Expert for Vaginal Rejuvenation study. As a renowned expert in the field of laser resurfacing and rejuvenation, Dr. Frank is working with OB/GYN and Women's Health Expert, Dr. Catherine Goodstein to optimize treatment protocols and efficacy for the exciting advancements in Vaginal Rejuvenation. A small series of safe, quick, and easy intra-vaginal laser procedures performed by our registered nurses, the Intima laser has mild to no discomfort with a quick recovery. Extensive research has shown dramatic effectiveness in relieving internal signs of childbirth and ageing including restoring vaginal tone and flexibility, improving dryness and discomfort, external skin pigmentation, and overall sexual functioning. Also an effective treatment for mild to moderate stress incontinence. Please ask our medical staff about this exciting future in Women's Health.
Were you tired of shaving all summer?
Getting rid of excessive and unwanted body hair with exciting speed and amazing comfort is now a reality! Treatment times can now be reduced up to 75% with little or no discomfort. Legs or Backs performed painlessly in as little as 15 minutes - no gels, no anesthesia as well. Find out more about High Speed LightSheer Desire for permanent hair reduction – so you can save valuable time and eliminate fear of procedure pain. Great for razor bumps!
Quick and easy laser facials for everyone
Laser Genesis provides a no downtime solution to diffuse redness, active acne, flushing, broken capillaries, and early wrinkle treatment. Performed painlessly alone or in combination with other treatments by our nurses in a 10 minute treatment session, patients are able to return immediately to their daily activities. Read more about this great addition to our laser armamantarium here.
Brow2 Eyebrow Embroidery Master, Christopher Drummond, exclusively at PFRANKMD Skin Salon
We are excited to welcome Microblading Master and Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Christopher Drummond, to the PFRANKMD family. A specialist in Microblading and Cosmetic Tattooing, Christopher is renowned for his talent and experience in the beauty industry. For more information please click here.
We are pleased to announce that PFRANKMD Skin Salon will be open on Saturdays with aesthetician services performed by our lead aesthetician, Edyta Jarosz. Please contact the salon for availability.
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