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Fall 2012 | Vol. 14
5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery and Laser Center
Director | Paul Jarrod Frank, M.D., PC
1049 5th Avenue, Suite 2B | New York, NY 10028 | (212) 327-2919
Another summer has past. Probably the quickest one yet, for me. Kids are back to school, the streets are busy, and a chill is in the air. I hope everyone got to relax and enjoy some downtime over the past couple of months. Although it is sad to see summer go, Autumn is an exciting time in New York City, certainly my favorite season. Following suit, I have some new technologies to offer that continue to enhance the landscape of my field. I look forward to catching up with everyone, and as always, I am appreciative of your loyalty and referrals. See you soon!

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The VASERsmooth Treatment Breaks New Ground in the Battle Against Cellulite

As a world renowned expert in Tumescent, VASER and Laser Liposuction, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank is enthusiastic and proud to offer the new VASERsmooth Procedure. VASERsmooth permits us to effectively and quickly treat cellulite with quick recoveries and obvious results. The minimally invasive procedure is performed totally under local anesthesia in our surgically accredited office. Through a few tiny incisions that close without stitches or scars, local anesthesia is infused under the skin to totally numb the region. Using the thin, ultrasonic 'VASERsmooth' wand designed specifically to be used just under the skin, the device melts superficial fat, breaks the dimpling fibrous septae and tightens loose skin, resulting in an overall and permanently smoother appearance.


Liposonix Melts Fat Away

Using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), Liposonix is the first totally non-invasive device to permanently remove small stubborn areas of fat on any area of the body. Performed in less than an hour's time, a belly and love handles can be treated with immediate return to daily activities. One Treatment, One Hour, One Size Smaller! Go to our Liposonix page for more details about fat removal options.


Erase the Sun Damage of Summer with Fraxel® Dual and 'Clear & Brilliant' Lasers

The Fraxel laser has become the gold standard in treating sun damage and all forms of safe skin resurfacing. Studies have proven the Fraxel® line of lasers to be effective for resistant melasma and to reverse and treat precancerous sun damage called actinic keratosis. For those patients that have no time for downtime, the Clear & Brilliant Fraxel laser allows patients to break up their regimen into several treatments that allow minimal to no downtime, allowing them to return to work immediately. Dr. Frank is one of the very few laser surgeons in the country to have the full line of Fraxel® products. Please refer to our Fraxel® page to see which procedure is right for you.


Dermapen Microneedling Technologies

Dermapen, a novel technology that manually resurfaces total body skin in a safe and effective way, replaces older non laser techniques such as subcision, punch grafting, CROSS technique and rolling micro-needling devices. Dermapen is most often used by Dr. Frank to treat acne scars and fine lines as an alternative to laser resurfacing and can be used on all skin types. More precision, less pain, and less downtime. Refer to our Dermapen page for more details.


Ultherapy® Gains Ground and Tightens Skin

The novel ultrasound technology continues to fine tune its treatment protocols and has now proven to be the most effective facial skin tightening device on the market. Done in the office in an approximately one hour treatment, we can tighten all layers of the skin down to the muscle; in many instances replacing and/or putting off surgical intervention. With its overwhelming popularity and our experience we hope to expand its indication to non-facial areas as well. Please refer to our site for detailed information about the Ultherapy® technology.


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