Spring 2007
Volume 2
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It is hard to believe that spring is here again. Wasn't it just New Year's? With the change of seasons, we are all gearing up to peel off our clothes and bear our skin once again. With technology moving at a fast pace, we have a whole new bag of tricks to ensure that you glow all summer. Enjoy the change of seasons and thank you for allowing me to take part in your skin care.

Paul Jarrod Frank MD

Announcing the FRAXEL II
A recent advancement to an exciting technology, the FRAXEL II now joins our armamentarium alongside the Portrait system in resurfacing of the skin. Done in a few low-downtime treatments, the FRAXEL II is the first resurfacing laser to accomplish the results of the old CO2 with a fraction of the downtime and risk. With only a weekend of redness we can rid of fine lines, scars, and sun damage. Please ask Dr Frank if this procedure is right for you.
Afraid to show off your legs this summer left line
With a combination of technologies we can rid you of those fears!
Sclerotherapy remains the standard of care in ridding yourself of spider veins. With a few treatments done at two week intervals, you'll be just in time for beach season.
With our Velasmoothe technology we are now ironing out those annoying lumps and bumps of cellulite on the body. The 1st FDA approved cellulite device, Velasmoothe uses a combination of deep massage, radiofrequency heat, and infrared laser to give you a smooth contour. Don't forget to ask about our packages.
Are sit-ups not tightening up that belly like it used to? left line
For 6 years, the 5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery and Laser Center has been successfully tightening the skin of the face with Thermage Radiofrequency Technology. Now we are applying that experience to body parts. Introducing, Body By Thermage. With upgraded treatment tips and technique we can now improve that crinkled skin around the belly button and tighten and smooth the belly's skin. Great for mother's after giving birth and for patients after liposuction to get that skin tight!
Donít ruin your clothes with sweat this summer left line
Excess sweating causes both physical and social discomfort. This difficult problem seen most commonly under the arms and on the hands can be safely and effectively treated with BOTOX. Lasting up to six months, the treatment is virtually free of side effects and has no effect on the bodyís ability to regulate temperature or on other sweat glands elsewhere on the body. Also great for individuals sensitive to deodorants and antiperspirants.
Tired of razor bumps and rashes? left line
With our LightSheer technology we can have you razor free for the summer. Bikinis, underarms, legs, and even sensitive areas such as the face can be effectively treated for permanent hair removal.
Laser Toning left line
With our Medlite Laser and the latest Portrait Xpress technology we can tone up the skin, reduce pore size and prep the skin for a fun filled spring without any downtime at all.
Done at monthly intervals this procedure is best for people on the go!
Beauty News left line
Juvederm and Radiesse now FDA approved Fillers. Now adding to our roster of sculpting devices, both Juvederm and Radiesse have proven to be safe and effective. Juvederm, a hyaluronic acid filler similar to Restylane, offers a soft, low trauma result for sensitive areas such as lips and smile lines. Radiesse, a calcium based filler has been a favorite of Dr Frank's for filling out deeper hollows of the cheeks or building of cheekbones and chins. Ask if either of these fillers are best for you.
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