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Director | Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank
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Build Repair Polish™ (BRP™) Medical Facial

Build Repair Polish

With 20 years of technologic advances, cosmetic experience and practical research, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank presents his signature red carpet medical facial. Sequentially and non-invasively, we target each layer of the skin from the deep dermis all the way to the superficial epidermis. Dr. Frank has created his proprietary medical protocol combining 3 cutting edge technologies to build, repair, and polish the skin all in a 30 minute, pain free, no downtime treatment*.

Using various radiofreqeuncy and multiple wavelength laser technologies, we start in the deep dermis to restructure and rebuild the natural components of the skin to lift, tighten, and tone. Then we move to the superficial dermis to start repairing sun damage and store healthy vascularization and blood flow to the skin. Finally, we target the epidermis to reduce excess pigmentation, micro-exfoliate and literally polish your skin. Performed individually for a big event or in a series of treatments, we restore the optimum architecture and youthful glow to your skin. Great for all skin types; acne and melasma too. The BRP™ medical facial is your answer to healthy, beautiful skin and is performed by the medical professionals only at our practice. Just ask for the BRP™!

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