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Intensed Pulsed Light (IPL)

These devices are not technically lasers because they represent a broad-spectrum light device where filters are used to target various aspects of the skin. They tend to be the devices that are found in Medical Spas, hair removal clinics, and in doctor’s offices where laser surgery is not a specialty. In general, they are a “jack of all trades, master of none” type of technology. Although they can be used for pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, acne, hair removal, and general skin rejuvenation, the technology is not advanced or specific enough to address skin issues that are considered more than mild. In my practice, I use the device for patients with mild to moderate sun damage who are looking for a minimal downtime option that can be accomplished in 4-6 treatments. These are generically coined “PhotoFacials”. When significant vascular or pigmented lesions need treatment, I use more powerful, specific lasers such as V-beam® and Medlite®. IPL devices are not really appropriate for wrinkle or scar reduction despite their publicity. In addition, I consider them second tier in efficacy for laser hair removal.

Quantum SR, Lumenis® One, Palomar’s StarLux®

The Quantum SR, the Lumenis® One, and Palomar’s StarLux® are the main devices out in the market. There are several other brands that are less powerful. In our office we use the Quantum SR by Lumenis®. Please view our photofacial weblink for more information.

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