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FLT (Fill-Lift-Tighten) Non-Surgical Facelift Procedure

Want cosmetic improvements without surgery? Afraid of the cost of surgical procedures? Unwilling to consider the risks or an undesired look associated with a face-lift?

If the answer is yes, then Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank’s FLT procedure is for you. Dr. Frank is a renowned leader in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, combining small procedures to achieve dramatic results. Using facial volumizing and tightening techniques, he can lift the face and rejuvenate appearances without the risks of invasive surgery or a day off from work.

Why do people seek face-lift surgery?

What they see in the mirror is sagging, tired skin with hollowing out of some areas and collection of fat in others.

There are generally two main causes of this look:
1st, as we age we lose significant amounts of youthful collagen and elastic tissue which makes our skin feel like an overused rubberband.
2nd, the fat in our face that provides plump, firm skin dramatically redistributes. Too much in some areas, not enough in others.

These two issues combined make us want to just suspend our facial skin with our fingers or just tie it up like a ponytail. Fear no more.

Dr. Frank performing FLT Facelift Procedure on Actual Patient

Dr. Frank performing Facelift Procedure

The Fill-Lift-Tighten procedure combines 2 techniques that address the actual causes of ageing skin. First, Dr. Frank utilizes the Thermage Thermalift Procedure or Ultherapy to tighten the skin and increase collagen and elastin content of the skin. This is a no downtime procedure that takes about an hour without any redness at all. The procedure is done with only mild sedation and adds dramatic tone to the face. Right after the Thermage or Ultherapy, using several long-lasting fillers, Dr. Frank redistributes and adds volume back into the face as it was decades before, sculpting a natural and long lasting result. Patients are able to return to work the next day with some immediate results and see continued improvement from the collagen regeneration for 3-4 months afterwards*. Although the effects are long lasting, some level of maintenance is usually performed yearly to keep that youthful, natural look. No stitches, no downtime, no scars, all at a fraction of the cost of surgery*.

For individuals just in need of volume enhancement, the Filler, or Liquid, Facelift alone may be just the trick. Dr. Frank uses a combination of several fillers that will suit each patient’s needs and give immediate, long lasting results.

Ask Dr. Frank if this procedure is right for you!

Watch Dr. Frank perform this artistic procedure on a live patient

Dr. Frank performing FLT Facelift Procedure - video

Rejuvenation of the lip, chin and marionette lines

Before and
After Photos

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Filling Substances - Before and after
  • Before and after Filling Substances
  • Facelift Procedure - Before and After

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual and cannot be guaranteed*

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