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Filling Substances for Facial Enhancement in NY

Don’t have time for long recoveries? Looking for immediate satisfaction for wrinkle reduction, scar improvements, facial lifting and volume enhancement?

Then filling substances are for you. Done in minutes, you can fill in those lines, improve hollowed out, tired eyes, or enhance those lips with a natural looking result*. Maybe you want to change or enhance your cheek bones, chin, or nose without surgery. The use of filling substances to augment facial features is truly an art form. There is no best substance. Dr. Frank and his associates work with their vast experience and a patient’s needs to find the best filler for each individual and their intentions. In addition to the traditional agents, such as Collagen, there are several filling agents such as Juvederm, Radiesse and Restylane.. Dr. Frank has harnessed the volumizing benefits of these fillers and combined them with other techniques to create his renowned FLT procedure. Utilizing volume rejuvenation through filling and skin tightening via Thermage treatments, Dr. Frank has circumvented the need for aggressive plastic surgery.

In addition to Restylane®, the classic hyaluronic acid filler, the latest upgrade in the cosmetic arsenal is Juvederm™. Made of the same hyaluronic acid material, Juvederm™ has slightly different physical characteristics that make this a softer agent with a higher concentration of active ingredients. Great for lips and masking dark circles and hollows under one’s eyes.

Radiesse® is a long lasting temporary filler derived from calcium hydroxyapetite, a natural and soft component of bone*. Used for years in head and neck surgery, its attributes for cosmetic dermatology are shining through. We commonly use this substance to build cheekbones and chins without the use of surgical implants. In addition, facial hollowing can easily be addressed along with non-invasive rhinoplasty (nose job) to reduce the appearance of nose bumps or unsavory shapes. Lasting up to one and a half years, Radiesse® has become a popular alternative to other available fillers that gives quick results*.

Sculptra™, another long lasting filler, has been FDA approved for facial atrophy associated with HIV disease and therapy*. Made from micronized suture material, Sculptra™ can improve facial wasting with long term results after only a few treatment sessions*. Find out about the multiple uses of this popular filler.

Cosmoplast® and Cosmoderm® collagen fillers are still a standard of care. Quick and easy, these fillers have a long history of safety and use in cosmetic dermatology.

Each filler has different characteristics and depending on the needs of the patient both aesthetically and physically, our center will help patients find the treatment that is ideal for them. Call to arrange for a consultation.

Before and
After Photos

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Filling Substances - Before and after
  • Before and after Filling Substances
  • Before and after procedure Filling Substances
  • Filling Substances - result
  • dark under-eye circles - before and after
  • dark under-eye circles - photos before and after

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual and cannot be guaranteed*

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