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The ThreadLift™, Non-surgical Face Lift New York

Who is a Candidate?

Learn about the new FLT(Fill-Lift-Tighten)
Non-Surgical Facelift
The Most Up-To-date technique to rejuvenate face without surgery

The ThreadLift™ is a non-surgical face lift New York procedure. ThreadLift™(face lift New York) candidates include all those individuals with aging signs of the face, including droopiness of the skin of the brow, cheeks, jowls and neck. Patients whose faces are very heavy or very thin are not ideal candidates. Threadlift face lifts New York are not for everybody, mainly used to lift the brows, cheeks, jowls and neck. If you are looking for a minimally invasive "lift" procedure without scarring and the "downtime or recovery time" involved in the usual invasive face lift New York procedures … the Threadlift(face lift New York) could work for you.

Procedure Description

The ThreadLift™(face lift New York) is a minimally invasive office procedure performed under local anesthetic that is designed to elevate, reposition and lift lax skin of the brow, face and neck without surgery but now less invasive, less risky, less downtime techniques, like the threadlift face lift New York are being offered. It is a combination of several "thread" techniques (Aptos, Featherlift, looplift, Wofflelift) that have been used throughout Europe in the past decade to achieve maximum aesthetic effects with minimal recovery. Less invasive treatments that give your face a lift are big business these days. In fact, new procedures are coming out all the time. The threadlift face lift New York is a newer nonsurgical alternative to a face lift that has patients in and out the door with improved appearances. Techniques like the threadlift face lift New York allow the underlying facial structure to be lifted, which creams and other topical methods are unable to do. The ThreadLift™(face lift New York) employs non-surgical "cogged" threads and sutures that have been used for decades in cardiac, abdominal, neuro and plastic surgery. The ThreadLift™(face lift New York) works by having these tiny threads inserted painlessly under the skin. These fine threads are similar to those that would be used to support the deep structures of your face if you were to receive a real surgical face lift. Using local anesthetic, the threads are passed into the droopy facial element with a special guide needle. The threads are then able to grab on to the droopy soft-tissue and muscle of the desired area. The ThreadLift™(face lift New York) is done without general anesthesia, a knife, scars or significant recovery. Non-surgical techniques, like threadlift face lift New York, had the most significant growth, with a 471 percent increase. The shift in cosmetic surgery patients are younger patients that want to prevent having to undergo major surgical procedures to reverse the signs of aging by undergoing minor procedures, such as the threadlift face lift New York, as they see fit. Most patients experience minimal bruising or swelling for 1-7 days. The ThreadLift™(face lift New York) is not painful and most patients can return to normal activities with makeup the next day. The threads stay where they are inserted and, like all internal sutures, are generally well tolerated by the body. The threads and their effects are removable, reliable, and reversible.

The ThreadLift™(face lift New York) shows immediate effects. Patients can achieve 30-70% of what an invasive face lift may achieve and well over 90% of ThreadLift™ patients report very satisfying lift results. The ThreadLift™(face lift New York) lasts 3-5 years and can be repeated. Many ThreadLift™ patients may combine the skin tightening effects of the ThreadLift™ with any other procedure offered by Dr Frank. Patients may choose to re-suspend tissue with this technique in several years or go on to more aggressive forms of plastic surgery at any time.

Recuperation and Healing

The ThreadLift™(face lift New York) has minimal downtime. You can most often apply make up and return to work the next day. Depending on the patient and the extent of the procedure, you may experience mild to moderate swelling and bruising that would require 1-10 days off work and normal activities. In general, your skin will feel quite swollen and tight for 2-3 days after the procedure. The ThreadLift™(face lift New York) effects will continue for up to 3-5 years, at which point a second procedure may be performed if desired. Each procedure takes approximately 1-2 hours depending on the number of sites treated. Dr Frank can treat the brows, cheeks, jowls and neck. You will be able to go home 1 hour after the procedure.

Alternative Options

Other options include the Thermalift/Thermage, which works to a lesser degree, and invasive plastic surgery.

Fee Range:

The ThreadLift™(face lift New York) ranges from $2,000-7,000, depending upon the specific areas of the aging brow, face or neck that are treated. The whole face and neck can be treated in one procedure or each area can be treated in separate procedures to reduce downtime or expense.

Although the full face procedure can easily be accomplished under only local anesthesia, Dr Frank, at an additional cost, does offer IV sedation (Twilight sleep) for patient's comfort. This must be arranged prior to the procedure.

Threadlift face lift New York will not be suitable for all patients or deliver extreme results. A qualified and reputable plastic surgeon like Dr. Frank will first consult with any interested threadlift face lift New York candidates before deciding if the patient will benefit from the minor procedure safely.

Before and
After Photos

Click on the thumbnails to view before & after photos of actual patients.

face lift - before and after photos
  • face lift - before and after photos
  • face lift - before and after photos - case 2
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