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Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, a leader in the field of laser resurfacing, is one of the first cosmetic dermatologists in New York to utilize Dermapen, a novel technology that improves total body skin, replacing older non laser techniques such as subcision, punch grafting, CROSS technique and rolling micro-needling devices. Unlike older generations of micro needling rollers, the Dermpen uses a unique spring loaded , stamping technology where the skin is rapidly pierced at ninety degrees at a physician designated controlled depth. The device provides uniform fractional micro wounds in the skin that will stimulate healthy growth of new tissue, without the heat trauma of lasers or other devices. Patients report less pain and shorter recovery periods and greater efficacy as a result*. Dermapen can also be used on all skin types. When utilized for generalized resurfacing of the face, products such as topical growth factors and anti ageing serums are better absorbed in the skin for increased efficacy as an adjunct to treatment.

Due to its ergonomic design, Dr. Frank uses the Dermapen to target either the whole face or very small areas that cannot be accurately targeted by larger devices - the sides of the nose, above & below the eyes and the lower and upper lip, areas where scars and wrinkles may be difficult to treat.

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    Dermapen for Skin Resurfacing

Dermapen is most often used by Dr. Frank to treat acne scars and fine lines. The Dermapen will create tiny holes in the scar tissue and set off a healing cascade that will encourage the development of new blood vessels and growth factor release that are the foundation for healthy new skin. The micro needling process will stimulate your body to manufacture collagen and elastin that will form smoother skin. Often Dr. Frank will recommend a series of treatments that can range in number and recovery time depending on each individual’s case. Recovery can be as little as 1 day or as aggressive as a week*. Anesthesia may include topical or injectional therapy.

The Dermapen is also useful in the reduction of stretch marks, particularly for darker skinned patients where lasers may cause hyperpigmentation. Dr. Frank’s also uses Vbeam & Fraxel lasers for this (you can read more about it here). The Dermapen can be used together with the lasers if necessary.

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