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Aging is inevitable: at some point in our lives, each of us will have to accept that our bodies have begun to age. The process of aging has a number of effects on our body, ranging from changes in our metabolism to changes in our physical appearance. Usually, the most noticeable effect of aging upon the human body is a change in the contour, topography, and color of our skin. The onset of aging will result in some visible changes, including:

  • Appearance of furrows in the forehead and eyebrow area
  • Dark spots under the eyes, accompanied by fine lines
  • Wrinkling of skin over different parts of the body

These changes are unavoidable, but the severity of the changes is somewhat under our control. For example, measures we have taken during our youth will reduce the amount of change we experience as we age. Good skincare in your twenties and thirties is crucial to maintaining beautiful skin as you age. In the following sections, we will discuss other ways in which we can suppress some of the effects of aging on our skin.


Today there are a number of techniques available to improve the appearance of older skin. These include cosmetic surgery, skin care products, and treatments. Dr. Frank, a renowned cosmetic surgeon, utilizes laser resurfacingwith his unique "Clear and Brilliant" skincare treatments. Anyone can benefit from Clear and Brilliant treatments. Some of the results that are seen include:

  • Improvement in skin texture, radiance, and tone
  • Glowing appearance of the skin
  • Reduction in appearance of skin pores
  • An illuminated skin tone
  • Increased smoothness and softness of the skin

Clear & Brilliant Laser Treatment

During the Clear and Brilliant treatment, Dr. Frank will project a gentle laser at the damaged skin that has minimal to no downtime. This, in turn, creates a number of microscopic zones that are stimulated to produce new tissue, which is healthy and rejuvenated in appearance. Patients are able to return to their daily activities with only a few hours of redness. Total recovery involves a few days of a sandpaper like feeling to the skin that will then reveal a smooth revitalized texture. The end result is that the individual will have younger looking skin. Before carrying out the Clear and Brilliant treatment, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank will have a detailed conversation with the patient to gain an understanding of the patient’s requirements and assess whether this treatment will be helpful to him or her. Clear and Brilliant has a number of advantages in comparison to other skin care treatments. Clear and Brilliant is can be given to any person of any age. Singular or multiple treatments can be performed depending on a patient's needs. Clear and Brilliant is comfortable and fast, while costing less than other similar treatments, thus allowing anyone to achieve the younger looking skin they desire*.

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