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Laser Treatments for Capillaries, Scars and Redness in NYC

With the V-beam laser, recent advances in laser technology enable us to treat several problems that involve faulty blood vessels without the severity of black and blue marks of earlier lasers. Broken capillaries, red and raised scars, leg veins, rosacea, and persistent facial flushing are few of the several problems that we can treat with minimal downtime.

V-Beam Laser FAQs

What is the use of VBeam laser?

VBeam laser is a laser technology that helps in treating broken capillaries, raised and red scars, rosacea, constant facial flushing, and leg veins. The defective blood vessels cause conditions such as vascular lesions and rosacea which result in dark areas. VBeam laser treatment provides excellent results by reducing the dark areas without damaging the surrounding skin. Since it is a non-invasive treatment, patients experience minimal pain during the procedure.

What is the procedure of VBeam Laser treatment?

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank will mark the area to be treated and then apply a brief, but intense ray of light to treat the blood vessels. Red veins will respond to the VBeam laser treatment much better than blue arteries. Anesthesia or other pain relieving medications are not required for the treatment. The dynamic cooling device of the VBeam cools the skin by spraying cryogen before applying the laser. The epidermis of the skin is protected by this cooling effect which reduces complications such as bruising and blistering. The results of the treatment may be visible right after the procedure*.

Is VBeam laser treatment safe?

VBeam laser treatment is a safe procedure, but there may be side effects involved. Side effects such as swelling, redness, and purpura on the treated area can be seen only when there is an aggressive treatment.

What are the precautions to be taken prior to and after the VBeam laser treatment?

The patients should avoid exposure to sunlight for about 1 to 2 days before and after the procedure. It is recommended that sun block is used after the treatment. Ice should also be applied to reduce discomfort. If required, you can apply an antibiotic cream or moisturizer. Rinsing or scrubbing of the treated area using abrasive cleansers should be avoided for the first few days after the procedure. Medicines with aspirin content should not be taken 3 days prior to treatment, and also 2 weeks after the procedure. After performing each VBeam laser procedure, you should not use Retin A. You can take a shower after the procedure, but you must be gentle while rubbing around the treated areas on the first day of the procedure. Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank will discuss the precautions that should be taken during your consultation and also after the procedure is done.

How can I prepare for the treatment?

The patient must clean and dry the skin thoroughly by removing oils, cosmetics, cream or any skin lotions before the treatment. Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes so that the treatment area is easily accessible.

Before and
After Photos

Treatments for Capillaries - before and after

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual and cannot be guaranteed*

What can I expect after the procedure?

Patients feel differently after the procedure. You may experience slight warmth in the treated area, mostly like a brief sunburn*. You may also experience temporary swelling. Any bruising or redness will disappear within one week*. You may find a slight crusting on the treated area, if treated for a port wine birthmark. Color changes may occur for people with darker skin. Scarring may occur, but in very rare cases.

How many procedures are required for the best results?

The number of procedures required to reduce the skin condition depends on the skin tone, individual characteristics of the skin and the total area to be treated. You can discuss this with Dr. Frank to get the best plan of treatment and how many you need. Each treatment must be received one month apart.

How much time is required to complete each procedure?

Each VBeam laser procedure will take from 15 minutes to two hours depending on the number and size of treatment areas*.

What are the benefits of VBeam laser treatment?

The benefits of the treatment depend on the type of scar and severity of the problem. Mild to moderate scars will become nearly invisible, but severe ones will be reduced only to some extent. VBeam laser is not effective on light colored scars as they are more effective on darker colored scars.

What is the recovery period after the VBeam laser procedure?

Since the VBeam laser procedure is a non-ablative treatment, the time for recovery is less than that of ablative laser treatments. Most patients experience fewer complications by using the VBeam laser procedure.

How does the treatment avoid damaging surrounding tissues?

VBeam laser is designed very carefully following three strategies in order to avoid any injury to the surrounding tissues. The initial strategy is that the color of the laser is absorbed selectively by the targeted area. The light emitted will be absorbed greatly by the hemoglobin present in the blood vessels than by the surrounding tissues. Secondly, the laser will turn off automatically after the area absorbs the desired heat. Since Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank determines the amount of light energy to be used on the areas to be treated, each patient receives a customized result and treatment suited for them.

Who are not good candidates for VBean laser treatment?

Patients with poor blood circulation or diabetes should not undergo this procedure. Individuals with a medical history of poor healing are not ideal candidates. Also, patients who use blood thinners are not recommended for this treatment.

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