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Brown Spot Treatment with PicoSure

Brown spots can appear on the skin for a variety reasons. Also known as hyperpigmentation or age spots, these dark marks tend to appear on areas that receive frequent exposure to sunlight, and are typically associated with the aging process. Many people seek ways to reduce the appearance of these brown spots, especially when they appear in highly visible areas such as the face or hands. Fortunately, recent advances in laser technology have made the removal of brown spots on the skin easier than ever.

Cynosure, the creator of several popular medical lasers, recently announced that they will introduce their latest laser, PicoSure, into the American market in early 2013.

How does PicoSure work?

PicoSure represents the first major advancement in Q-switched laser technology since the 1990s. PicoSure is the first picosecond pulse-duration laser to be commercially available for use in the US. Until the development of the PicoSure laser, the shortest pulse-duration available was measured in nanoseconds. PicoSure’s shorter pulse-duration provides patients with faster and more effective treatments, and causes fewer side effects. In comparison to older versions of Q-switched lasers, PicoSure allows doctors to remove brown spots from the skin in far fewer treatment sessions. The promise of quicker treatment times and fewer side effects is one of the things that excite Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank the most. As a long a fan of Cynosure’s MedLite laser, Dr. Frank will continue to evaluation the introduction and use of the PicoSure laser in the cosmetic medical community as he considers whether to add this new technology to his practice.

Laser procedures have proven to be among the safest and most effective methods of removing brown spots from the skin. This extremely precise and controlled technology is a far better choice than the use of caustic and dangerous chemicals to remove areas of hyperpigmentation. Treatment for brown skin spots is quite straightforward and effective with laser technology. Areas of the skin that are more darkly pigmented than the skin around them attract the laser’s energy. As the laser energy enters the layers of the skin that contain the age spot, the pigmentation will be broken up and eventually absorbed through the body’s natural healing and elimination processes. The number of treatments required to erase your brown skin spot will depend upon your unique skin composition and the laser used for the procedures. After the session, the spot will darken and then scab over as the skin heals. While scarring, hyper and hypopigmentation were risks with older laser technologies, newer Q-switches lasers, such as Medlite and PicoSure, offer amuch-reduced risk of these occurrences.

If you feel that brown spots on your skin are detracting from your appearance, contact Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank to see if laser treatments can help you. As Dr. Frank learns more about PicoSure, he will share this information with his patients. You can feel confident that your age spots will be expertly assessed and treated with the best technology available when you consult with Dr. Frank.

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