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Turn Back The Clock Without Losing Time

book cover - Turn Back the Clock Without Losing Time

Fifteen years ago, cosmetic surgery was reserved for celebrities and/or the very wealthy. Mostly women, these patients had plenty of money and lots of free time to recover. In those days, there were no options other than procedures involving lengthy hospital stay which were followed by seclusion and elaborate cover-up stories, cosmetic surgery was viewed as vain, at the least, and shameful at the worst!

But these are exciting times in the world of cosmetic dermatology. Now there is a far wider choice of easily accomplished treatments that don’t require lengthy recuperation. There’s no need for that cover up story: Many of these treatments are so done so quickly – sometimes over a lunch hour – that no one will notice. There’s no more social stigma either. Indeed, it’s estimated that about 2.7 million procedures to erase facial wrinkles, like peels and dermabrasions are performed annually, as are about 300,000 liposuctions annually. So it’s possible some of your friends have undergone such treatments with no one but themselves the wiser. The only tip-off may be that they look rested, more youthful, and more fit or shapely, depending on what they’ve had done.

In Turn Back the Clock Without Losing Time, we introduce you to the wide array of procedures that can give you a more youthful and vital appearance without the risks of general anesthesia, invasive surgery, or the lengthy downtime that are hallmarks of the past. These treatments range from chemical peels and BOTOX®, which take only minutes, to minilifts and liposuction which can be done on an outpatient basis, without or under local anesthesia, often without the patient ever stepping into a hospital.

All of the techniques discussed in this will have you back on your feet from virtually immediately to up to four days – tops - depending on what procedure you chose.

But undergoing cosmetic treatments and procedures is not the only way to look your best. For that reason, we’ve divided our book into three parts.

Cosmetic Procedures and Treatments

We explore treatments and procedures that can help you turn back the clock – with a minimum of downtown. This includes BOTOX®, filling substances, peels, laser, liposuction, and more.

What to Do about Problem Areas

Here, we’ll show you which treatment or treatment combinations work best for your problem areas, such as crow’s feet, sagging redness, lines around the mouth, brown spots, reddened face, deep furrows, fat accumulations, thin lips, and more.

Cosmetic Tips You Can Do Yourself

This section will show you what you can do at home to put off aging, acne, age spots, sagging skin, swelling, fat accumulation and other problems.

So are you ready? Then let us show you how to turn back the clock, without losing time!

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