Just when you thought the acne of your teens and 20s was over, a sudden outburst of pimples and breakouts is wreaking havoc on your skin unexpectedly in your 30s and 40s. As hormones begin to shift in a woman’s 30s, it is common to experience changes in the skin including pigment and acne. Hormonal acne is frequently concentrated on the lower part of the face around the chin and jaw line. Facial hair often accompanies hormonal changes which can add fuel to the fire creating infected hair follicles as hair will often grow in thicker particularly around the chin.

Fortunately, there is a protocol of care to help treat this condition beyond conventional therapy of oral anti-biotics, and topical medications. One prescription medication in particular called Spironolactone is most successful in treating hormonal acne. Spironolactone is actually a blood pressure medication which in smaller doses is proven to successfully treat hormonal acne by blocking the androgen that stimulates the production of excess hormones which produce acne. Occasionally, a routine blood test may be ordered to confirm a hormonal imbalance. While Spironolactone can take 4-6 weeks to work, it will reset one’s hormones, which in turn solves the acne problem.

Once hormonal imbalances are in check, reducing the hair permanently will reduce the breakouts so that hair follicles do not get infected leading to cystic acne. Within 4-6 treatments of Laser Hair Removal, hair is removed permanently. Fraxel Laser treatments are also beneficial as it reduces the pore size, which affects acne as well as reducing pigmentation. With the appropriate course of action and awareness of when and why acne is occurring, skin can remain clear and free of change during the time when the rest of the body is not.

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