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This is the Season for Laser Hair Removal

Tired of tweezing, shaving, or waxing to remove unwanted hair? Laser hair removal may be the procedure for you. The latest technology, called LightSheer Desire, solves one of the main fears patients voice when meeting Dr. Frank – how painful will it be?

LightSheer Desire is considered the new gold standard, probably the best hair removal technology available on the market today. It was designed to quickly remove hair from large areas such as the back and the legs with minimal discomfort. The device generates vacuum that stretches the skin and reduces the sensation of heat. Small, delicate areas are treated with a cool tip that balances the heat of the laser and makes treatments comfortable enough so that there is no need for anesthetic gels prior to each session. The laser works well on all skin types and can remove light and dark hair.

Laser hair removal 101

As one of the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedures, laser hair removal uses a highly concentrated laser to destroy hair follicles and remove hair. These intense beams of light target individual hair follicle through the skin. The heat damages the follicle; thus, removing the hair and preventing future hair growth. Common areas for this procedure include upper lip, legs, arms, underarms, and bikini line. Although laser hair removal does not guarantee hair removal forever, it is effective in removing and inhibiting hair growth in almost all people.  LightSheer Desire penetrates deeper layers of the skin, increasing the chance hair will not regrow, even after a single, quick treatment. Treatments can also reduce in-grown hairs that still remain even after shaving or waxing. Furthermore, there is no downtime to heal after treatments.

Laser Hair Removal in the Winter?

As temperatures start to decline, Dr. Frank often sees patients who want to undergo one or multiple hair removal sessions and get it all done before exposing their legs and arms. Slight redness can be expected after treatments.  LightSheer Desire sessions can be as quick as 10 minutes for small areas, allowing you to come in on your lunch break.

Although there are less UV rays in the winter, keep the areas treated well covered for two weeks following each treatments. Ideally these areas should not be exposed to sun 3-4 weeks prior to each session and avoid using self-tanners as well.

If you are interested in permanent laser hair removal, consult Dr. Frank to learn more about the best options to remove this hair once and for all. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Frank today by calling (212) 327-2919.

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Just when you thought the acne of your teens and 20s was over, a sudden outburst of pimples and breakouts is wreaking havoc on your skin unexpectedly in your 30s and 40s. As hormones begin to shift in a woman’s 30s, it is common to experience changes in the skin including pigment and acne. Hormonal acne is frequently concentrated on the lower part of the face around the chin and jaw line. Facial hair often accompanies hormonal changes which can add fuel to the fire creating infected hair follicles as hair will often grow in thicker particularly around the chin.

Fortunately, there is a protocol of care to help treat this condition beyond conventional therapy of oral anti-biotics, and topical medications. One prescription medication in particular called Spironolactone is most successful in treating hormonal acne. Spironolactone is actually a blood pressure medication which in smaller doses is proven to successfully treat hormonal acne by blocking the androgen that stimulates the production of excess hormones which produce acne. Occasionally, a routine blood test may be ordered to confirm a hormonal imbalance. While Spironolactone can take 4-6 weeks to work, it will reset one’s hormones, which in turn solves the acne problem.

Once hormonal imbalances are in check, reducing the hair permanently will reduce the breakouts so that hair follicles do not get infected leading to cystic acne. Within 4-6 treatments of Laser Hair Removal, hair is removed permanently. Fraxel Laser treatments are also beneficial as it reduces the pore size, which affects acne as well as reducing pigmentation. With the appropriate course of action and awareness of when and why acne is occurring, skin can remain clear and free of change during the time when the rest of the body is not.

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