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5th Avenue title Fall 2009
Volume 6
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It is hard to believe that the summer is really over. It is my hope that everyone had the chance to catch their breath, take a dip in the ocean, and feel the warmth of the sun on their face (with sunscreen, of course). With the challenges of this past year, we all deserved a bit of R & R to gain some perspective and revitalize our body and minds for a more promising new season. Fortunately, beauty never sleeps and I remain as passionate as ever over the prospects of new technologies and refined techniques in keeping us all looking as young as we feel. I look forward to catching up with everyone this fall while capturing and creating glimpses of all good things to come. Below are some of the seasonally adjusted favorites and hot topics in the beauty biz today. See you soon!

Warmest Regards,
Paul Jarrod Frank MD

right lineThe Liquid Facelift
You have read about it in every magazine and you have heard every variation of a name for it. The Filler Face Lift, the Liquid Face-Lift, the Non-Invasive Facelift, Facial Revolumization etc., etc. What doesn’t change is the magic of facial fillers. Dr. Frank’s finesse with several agents including Juvederm, Radiesse, Perlane, Silicone, Sculptra, and Evolence, amongst others, has made him one of the most sought after facial sculptors in our city. Just when you thought a face-lift was your inevitable future, think again. Watch Dr. Frank’s video of live facial volumization that will take your breath and a few decades away from you!

Bikini season get you down? left line
Fear not. Unfortunately, it is the norm, not the exception that we are left with areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Dr. Frank remains one of the most cutting-edge and experienced non-invasive Tumescent Liposuction surgeons in the country, still performing over 300 procedures a year. Using technologies such as Smartlipo, Vaser liposelection, and powered liposuction, Dr. Frank completes the procedures safely and effectively under local anesthetic in his AAAHC surgically accredited facility. Watch our educational videos to see just how great you can look.
Can't Stand the Heat? left line
Regardless of the temperature outside, Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a debilitating problem for many of our patients. Although the treatment options are effective and growing with the advent of Botox treatments, topical, and oral agents, for some there is a need for a more permanent resolution. Now using Vaser Ultrasound technology, a simple, in-office procedure performed under local anesthesia offers patients permanent reduction in underarm sweating. Please ask about this great technique upon consultation.
Summer Coming to an End left line
Just as we were all getting used to the beautiful weather, the sun sets on another great summer. Unfortunately, the sun damage stays with us. Fall is the time to rid of those brown and red patches, fine lines, and widened pores that steal the luster out of our skin. Photofacials and Fraxel treatments are the best way to ensure smooth clear skin this winter. With continued advancements in these rejuvenating technologies, there is truly no reason not to be wearing your best face!
Summer heat clogging those pores and giving you acne bumps? left line
Try our Isolaz Acne Treatment and Pore Purification to ease your way into autumn. Using a combination of Pulsed Light and pneumatic suction, the Isolaz Laser Facial painlessly and immediately drains every pore in one’s face while reducing the inflammation of acne. In a 10 minute treatment that causes only mild, temporary redness, patients can reduce the size of their pores, decrease breakouts, and cosmetically enhance their skin.
Beauty News: Separating the Myths from the Magic left line
Dysport gets FDA approval
The first competition for name brand Botox in the United States has had a weak start to date. As a similar chemical compound to Botox (Botulinum toxin type A), Dysport has not offered any differences in the efficacy of wrinkle treatment in our practice. Although we have found it to “kick in” a bit faster than Botox, its longevity of effect has proven to be significantly less. Given the long history of safety and efficacy of name brand Botox, Dr. Frank remains loyal to his use and trust of the original product.

Fraxel’s NEW Dual: Restore Laser Platform
An upgraded version of the traditional technology that should add quicker treatment times and better efficacy in helping skin dyspigmentation. In Dr. Frank’s opinion, the Fraxel, although an excellent treatment for global skin resurfacing, scars and fine lines, remains a 2nd line treatment for skin discoloration, solely. Photofacial and chemical peels, in our practice, still remain the most effective and cost efficient means of treating these conditions.

Thermage CPT Platform
An upgraded version of the Thermage NXT, the CPT device adds a vibrational treatment tip to help patient discomfort. Additional revisions in heat distribution will test its supposed increased efficacy in both facial and body contouring and skin tightening. Stay Tuned!

Dr. Frank is regularly working with new technologies both in practice and for research studies. Please inquire about any updates that we have to offer in our technologic armamentarium.
Dr. Frank In The Media left line
  • CBS Morning Show - Fraxel Resurfacing
  • Social Life Magazine - Feature Article on Dr. Frank “Summer’s Sexiest Look”
  • Discovery Channel and CNN - Bliss Skin Care Consultant and Expert
Special Offers left line
Allergan, makers of Botox and Juvederm, continues to offer rewards program and added rebates
In an effort to maintain brand awareness and product loyalty in tough economic times, the makers of the two most popular cosmetic agents in the world are now offering rewards programs and mail-in cash rebates. Ask about these offers upon your next visit.

5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center referral program
In gratitude for your referrals, when new cosmetic patients mention your name our practice will send you a pfrankmd gift card with credit towards future treatments with us. Ask about the details of our program at your next visit.